Power & Propulsion

  • Killybegs

    Irish offshore first


    New MoU will see local fishermen engaged in and influencing the development process of a potential new wind farm 

  • Polarbris 473 Karstensens Skibsværft

    Brunvoll to deliver new seiner’s propulsion and manoeuvring system


    The vessel is being designed and built for its Norwegian owner by Denmark’s Karstensens Skibsværft

  • “We have signed the Paris Agreement, but the current consumption trend is going in exactly the opposite direction,” said Erik Ianssen, general manager of Selfa Arctic AS

    If you can’t stand the heat…


    When it comes to the climate change crisis, there’s a lot more to come from seafood, writes Jason Holland 

  • Brunvoll’s Engagement in development​

    Brunvoll’s Engagement in development​


    When planning a newbuilding, interaction between concerned partners is essential to producing a vessel with optimal functionality. When leading expertise in design, shipbuilding, equipment, and operation is brought together, this process is enhanced, and the owner’s role is key to this. The owner’s requirements and understanding of operational requirements set ...

  • Stark Group opts for Propspeed

    Stark Group opts for Propspeed


    Underwater foul-release coatings innovator Propspeed has been selected by Ocean Fisheries Ltd. as the preferred foul-release coating for its fleet of commercial fishing vessels.

  • Investing in the green shift

    Investing in the green shift


    Norway’s Minister of Trade and Industry Iselin Nybø and the Minister of Education and Research Guri Melby were in Trondheim to present the NoK120 million to the ZeroKyst project.

  • Brunvoll systems for six new fishing vessels

    Brunvoll systems for six new fishing vessels


    Brunvoll propulsion and manoeuvring systems have been selected for six new fishing vessels being built at Karstensens Skibsværft in Skagen for Norwegian, Swedish and Scottish companies, to be delivered over the coming two years.

  • Sail technology comes to fishing

    Sail technology comes to fishing


    The development of a 12-metre high rigid sail, installed on board longliner Balueiro Segundo, is intended to achieve greater energy efficiency, reducing consumption of fuel and consequently emissions.

  • Whole fleet gets grease-free bearings

    Whole fleet gets grease-free bearings


    In 2019 shrimp trawler Maros VII went to the Lighthouse Shipyard at Mazatlán in Mexico for a refit and an upgrade so successful that the rest of the company’s 50 vessels are getting the same treatment.

  • Brunvoll propulsion expertise for Liafjord

    Brunvoll propulsion expertise for Liafjord


    Brunvoll has signed a contract with the Cemre yard in Turkey to deliver the propulsion and manoeuvring system for Liegruppen Fiskeri’s new pelagic trawler Liafjord.

  • Larsnes fits Yanmar power to fish carrier

    Larsnes fits Yanmar power to fish carrier


    Yanmar Europe has delivered its 160th engine for the Nordic region’s fisheries sector.

  • Netter’s all-Mitsubishi re-power

    Netter’s all-Mitsubishi re-power


    The owners of a Danish netting boat went to West Diesel for a suite of new engines to re-power Maria Bork L-66.

  • Time-saving repair job for Russian trawler

    Time-saving repair job for Russian trawler


    When Russian trawler LLV Kaprodon was docked in Norway for a refit, the news that a vital spare part could take four months to obtain took the owners instead to Marine Shaft in Denmark.

  • Spelve farm manager, Alan Tangny Photo: Scottish Sea Farms

    Hybrid powered feed barge ‘fantastic’


    Scottish Sea Farms is piloting a bespoke hybrid power system on board one of its feed barges, reducing fuel consumption, carbon emissions and operating costs.

  • Webinar provides Mexican market gateway

    Webinar provides Mexican market gateway


    A series of well-attended webinar conferences broadcast during the first Covid lockdown has resulted in Thordon Bearings securing a contract from a Mexican fishing vessel operator.

  • PrimeServ upgrade slashes emissions

    PrimeServ upgrade slashes emissions


    MAN Energy Solutions’ after-sales division, MAN PrimeServ, has completed the installation of a SCR (Selective Catalytic Reduction) system to a fishing vessel operated by Norwegian company Ivan Ulsund Rederi, slashing CO2 and NOx emissions.

  • The ‘Nordbas’ aims to be the greenest trawler and seiner vessel Photo: Finnøy Gear & Propeller

    Propulsion renewal gives greener fishing


    Nordnesgruppen has begun rebuilding ‘Nordbas’, which aims to become the market''s greenest trawler and seiner vessel, at Nye Kleven Verft in Ulsteinvik, Norway.

  • The new Cat C32B engine Photo: Caterpillar Marine

    Caterpillar unveils new marine engine


    Caterpillar Marine has launched a new marine engine with a rated engine speed of 2300 rpm.

  • Baudouin engines for Scottish twin-rigger

    Baudouin engines for Scottish twin-rigger


    UK and Ireland distributor for Moteurs Baudouin, the Southampton-based Proteum, has won the contract to supply power systems to the largest steel fishing boat to be built by C. Toms & Sons.

  • Albacora seiner features Schottel SCP

    Albacora seiner features Schottel SCP


    Albacora Group, operators of the largest tuna fishing fleet in the European Union, recently commissioned a new purse seiner to be built at Vigo-based shipyard Astilleros Armón, which will feature Schottel controllable pitch propeller.