Skaginn 3X selected to fit out HB Grandi factory trawler

Skaginn 3X to fit out HB Grandi trawler The Skaginn 3X factory deck layout for HB Grandi’s new trawler

Skaginn 3X has been chosen by HB Grandi to fit out the catch handling and processing deck of the new factory trawler the company is currently building at the Astilleros Armon yard at Gijon in Spain.

This latest order is the fourth in a series for Skaginn 3X, which has completed the outfitting of catch handling decks for HB Grandi’s series of new fresher trawlers, Engey, Akurey and Viðey. The new vessel, as yet unnamed but referred to under its RE1 codename, is expected to become one of the most sophisticated vessels of its kind operating in the north Atlantic.

In fitting out RE1’s factory deck, Skaginn 3X is the main contractor and will be working with sub-contractors Vélfag, Marel and Afak, taking the overall responsibility for delivering the completed processing deck installation.

“The agreement and the unique design of the processing deck are the fruit of a strong co-operation between Skaginn 3X and the team at HB Grandi,” said Skaginn 3X managing director Ingólfur Árnason.
The processing deck will include a high level of flexibility in working easily with several species, as well as providing a variety of processing and packing options.

“The waterjet cutter provides the possibility of new end products previously not feasible for production on board seagoing vessels. It is very important that the design of the next steps in processing decks, including the packing line, the design of the freezers, box handling and palletising, also support these new and expanded possibilities,” commented Skaginn 3X head of sales and marketing Jón Birgir Gunnarsson.
Astilleros Armon will act as a total supplier of the vessel, and as such, deliver the processing deck from Skaginn 3X as a part of the overall delivery. Skaginn 3X role is to act as the main supplier and system integrator of the processing deck, with components delivered by key suppliers including Vélfag, Marel and Afak.

The package for HB Grandi’s RE1 will include Marel’s FlexiCut system and packing graders. The FleXicut Marine machine will X-ray each fillet, evaluate its weight, detect pinbones and use water jets to cut them out of the fillet. Rotating knives will then portion the fillet according to set criteria.

“We are very pleased to be creating a new best standard in offshore processing with HB Grandi,” said Marel Fish managing director Sigurður Ólason, commenting that as the second generation of FleXicut emerges, greater interconnectivity and new features are improving results all the way through processing, while the reliability of existing systems is further fuelling the constantly growing interest in FleXicut from the industry.



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