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    Canadian minister op timistic about future


    I'm very optimistic about the current state of the Canadian fishing industry even though the past decade has been difficult. With the decline of groundfish stocks on the east coast and salmon stocks on the west coast, our industry has gone through enormous changes. But it has emerged as a ...

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    Deep sea fishing will not replace coastal fishing says fisheries scientist


    While the EU has given the subject a wide birth so far, Member Governments such as Ireland and Spain and other countries around the world have been busy researching possibility of uncovering new species with commercial potential.Ireland, for example, has been researching deep sea fishing possibilities in its waters since ...

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    UK retailer calls for sustainable approach to global fishing


    George French (left) Sainsbury's technical director and George White (right) of the Supermarket's environmental team discuss the new tuna project that will look at the worldwide management of the fisheries.Being one step away from the consumer, it is their views that can be used as a stepping stone and platform ...

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    Ireland takes up the sustainability challenge


    Irish Fisheries Minister, Frank FaheyBut as far as his running of his country's commercial fishing industry is concerned, you would find it hard to criticise him.The fishing industry in Ireland has changed sustainably over the last five years. It is now much more business driven than before, market focused and ...

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    Scotland look to further measures to help declining whitefish fleets


    The Scottish fleet has endured enough through decommissioning and the time has come to put boat scrapping measures on the backburner and focus on other fisheries management measures.This is the view of Hamish Morrison, chief executive of the Scottish Fishermen's Federation, who believes that if the Scots fleet shrank any ...

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    Policy change needed for Europe


    The past year has seen the arrival of a Green Paper on the future of the Common Fisheries policy and a public hearing lasting three days in Brussels last June.Since then there has been much debate and criticism. The Commission has listened, talked, argued and is currently finalising proposals.Governments, fishing ...