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  • NOAA and USAID are joining forces to combat IUU fishing Photo: NOAA

    Joint US force to combat IUU fishing


    The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) has entered into a memorandum of understanding with the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) to combat illegal, unreported and unregulated fishing across borders and promote sustainable fisheries abroad.

  • UK fishing boat

    UK and coastal state negotiations open


    Trilateral and bilateral negotiations have opened between the UK and adjacent coastal states with the aim of agreeing total allowable catches for shared stocks and other fisheries management measures for 2021.

  • Waters around South Georgia are surveyed annually during the Austral summer by BAS at the West Core (red transects) and East Core Box (yellow transects) Photo: ARK

    Fishing vessels help with krill surveys


    The Association of Responsible Krill Fishing Companies (ARK) is using fishing vessels to monitor the status of the krill population around South Georgia.

  • Sea Pact is a collaboration of seafood companies from Canada and the US Photo: Sea Pact

    Sea Pact appoints new board chair


    Director of Sustainability at Inland Seafood Corporation, Mary Smith, has been elected as the new chair of Sea Pact’s advisory board.

  • Thai Union employees are being tested for Covid-19 Photo: Thai Union

    Mass Covid testing for Thai Union employees


    Thai Union has begun Covid-19 testing at its own cost for its more than 27,000 employees in Samut Sakhon in central Thailand.

  • UK Fisheries is urging the government to strike quota deals with Norway, Greenland and the Faroes Photo: UK Fisheries Ltd

    End of the line for UK distant-water fishing?


    Distant-waters fishing faces an uncertain future following the UK’s exit from the EU, says Hull-based UK Fisheries Ltd.

  • eco fishing

    Survey to shape future of eco fishing gear


    Professional fishermen are being asked to give their opinion on the development of more environmentally friendly fishing gear.

  • Paul Trebilcock, CEO of CFPO Photo: Quentin Bates

    Cornish fishermen ‘betrayed by Brexit deal’


    Key promises made to the Cornish fishing industry have been broken and fishermen betrayed, says the Cornish Fish Producers’ Organisation as it slams the terms of the Brexit trade deal.

  • Medical fish skin specialist’s rapid growth

    Medical fish skin specialist’s rapid growth


    Kerecis is the fastest growing company in the regenerative-tissue market in the United States according to SmartTRAK Business Intelligence, which compared industry-sales and market-share data for 3Q 2020 to 3Q 2019.

  • China's largest fishery support vessel

    China's largest fishery support vessel


    Pingtan Marine Enterprise''s rebuilt refrigerated transport vessel, Fu Yuan Yu Yun 992 is heading for international waters, along with six large squid jigging vessels.

  • Surveyor’s advice for coming out of lay-up

    Surveyor’s advice for coming out of lay-up


    After weeks or even months laid up during the Covid-19 pandemic, an increasing number of fishing vessels are preparing to resume operations. Attention to detail during recommissioning will pay dividends, advises Sunderland Marine Risk Management Surveyor Alan Ure.

  • UK fishing industry slams Brexit terms

    UK fishing industry slams Brexit terms


    Both the National Federation of Fishermens Associations, representing much of the English fishing industry, and the Scottish Fishermen’s Federation have slammed the outcome of the Christmas Eve deal between the EU and the UK.

  • Brexit agreement leaves uncertain future

    Brexit agreement leaves uncertain future


    The deal agreed between the EU and the UK is a significant blow that leaves the industry facing an uncertain future, according to the European Fisheries Alliance.

  • Continente gets MSC and ASC certification

    Continente gets MSC and ASC certification


    Continente is the first retailer in Portugal to receive MSC and ASC certification for its fresh seafood counters. The MSC Chain of Custody Standard ensures the traceability of products from sustainable fisheries with MSC certification and ASC-certified aquaculture farms.

  • Proposals “catastrophic setback” says EUFA

    Proposals “catastrophic setback” says EUFA


    Proposals put forward by EU negotiators in efforts to reach a deal between the European Union and the UK threaten to “throw fisheries under a bus”, according to the European Fisheries Alliance, EUFA.

  • Lords ask for food exports grace period

    Lords ask for food exports grace period


    Food bound for Europe from Britain could be left to rot in lorries, be turned back at borders or not transported at all due to delays caused by new UK-EU export red tape, peers have warned in a statement from the House of Lords.

  • Industry takes on NPF co-management role

    Industry takes on NPF co-management role


    In a first for Commonwealth fisheries, the Australian Fisheries Management Authority (AFMA) has delegated legislative functions to industry as part of the co-management of the Northern Prawn Fishery (NPF).

  • Pacifical joins Global Tuna Alliance

    Pacifical joins Global Tuna Alliance


    Pacifical, the market development body set up on 2011 by the eight Parties to the Nauru Agreement (PNA) Western Pacific island countries and Sustunable bv in 2011, has become the latest partner in the Global Tuna Alliance (GTA).

  • Tyneside fishing operation scaling up

    Tyneside fishing operation scaling up


    An established north east of England fishing company is back in local hands after a local entrepreneur bought it from the national operator to which he sold his shareholding three years ago.

  • The ISF has regained its lost MSC certification Photo: MSC

    Icelandic lumpfish fishery regains MSC label


    A small-scale lumpfish fishery based in Iceland has regained Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) certification, after making the necessary improvements to meet the standard for sustainable fishing.