Motion, tilt and gravity compensated marine scales. EC type of Approval,reports, labelling, logging, e-Log,RFID and traceability possible.Customized weighing solutions for weighing at sea.

Unisystem is a small, Swedish, private enterprise, which develops and manufactures scales and equipment for accurate measurement of force, pressure, level, temperature etc. More than 40 years experience has given us that good knowledge, that we now know, what is difficult.

Our policy is to produce high-tech equipment, which can solve difficult problems, but it must be easy to work with and maybe most important, competitive in price. After year 2002 most weighing equipment must be certified and EC-verified according to the EU directive 2009/23/EC. Unisystem delivers such scales also for difficult applications e.g. on trucks or in explosive environments with high accuracy.

Unisystem is certified according to ISO 9001:2008 by a certified body