KINARCA refrigeration system on board the new tuna seiner

The first of two new tuna purse seiners for Omani company Al Wusta Fishery Industries has been delivered by Zamakona Shipyards in Spain.

The vessel Acila has a length of 84.7 metres, a draught of seven metres, a gross tonnage of 2,480.

KINARCA has been the company in charge of supplying and installing refrigeration equipment for freezing tunnels for extra high-quality production frozen at -60°, as well as refrigeration equipment for 16 wells with capacity of 1,800 m3, 14 of which are designed to freeze catches at -20°С and two wells are prepared for storage at -55°C.

Acila and its still unfinished sister will operate in tandem in international waters in the Indian Ocean. The two vessels will have a projected total annual catch of tuna totalling approximately 20,000 tonnes.