Land-based Farming – Page 5

  • Bakkafrost’s sustainable growth plans

    Bakkafrost’s sustainable growth plans


    Faroese aquaculture group Bakkafrost has announced ambitious plans for increase its output of its premium salmon by more than 40% over the next five years, with a significant investment programme in Scotland, incorporating innovative RAS technology.

  • Fisheries and Seafood minister, Odd Emil Ingebritsen Photo: Havlandet Norcod

    New fry facility puts farmed cod on the menu


    Norcod and fry producer Havlandet Marin Yngel have created new company Havlandet Norcod to build a new cod fry facility in Florø.

  • Growth opportunities in the Israeli desert

    Growth opportunities in the Israeli desert


    In Israel, barramundi farming is thriving in an unlikely environment thanks to land-based aquaculture pioneer Aquatech Fisheries

  • Where next for salmon farming?

    Where next for salmon farming?


    While as a consumer product, Atlantic salmon has transcended the seafood category, producers now need to adopt new harvest technologies to maintain growth

  • Is RAS ready to shine?

    Is RAS ready to shine?


    A new report analysing the ever-increasing investment in recirculating aquaculture systems points to these technologies disrupting the salmon sector within the next decade

  • Spearheading land-based salmon farming

    Japanese company spearheads land-based salmon farming


    The demand for marine products in Japan continues to rise, but with limited areas suitable for farming at sea, one company has developed a recirculating aquaculture system for salmon using artificial seawater. Businessman Tetsuro Sogo has big plans for the future, as he aims to meet the growing demand for salmon across Japan