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  • The Australian Fisheries Management Authority and Maritime Border Command are ridding the ocean of ghost gear and abandoned FADs Photo: AFMA

    Working together for cleaner seas


    Cooperation between the Australian Fisheries Management Authority (AFMA) and Maritime Border Command (MBC) has resulted in the removal of environmental hazards from the waters of northern Australia in recent months.

  • Clearwater lobster licences go to Membertou

    Clearwater lobster licences go to Membertou


    Membertou First Nation has reached an agreement with Clearwater Seafoods to acquire two of Clearwater’s eight offshore lobster licences.

  • Mathew Joshua, head-executive relations, IBS Software, handing over the cheque to Trivandrum mayor, Mr K Sreekumar Photo: IBS Software

    IBS donates food kits to fishing community


    IBS Software has donated 500 food kits to the fishing community in Kerala in India as part of its corporate social responsibility endeavours.

  • Shellfish start-up swamped by demand

    Shellfish start-up swamped by demand


    Since starting fishing in July this year with start-up loan help from the Development Bank of Wales, Sion Riley’s catches have been in high demand since he launched Holyhead Shellfish.

  • European lobster

    Yorkshire marine research centre opens


    The Holderness Fishing Industry Group (HFIG) has opened a marine research centre with a community laboratory and research hatchery in Bridlington, Yorkshire, UK, to conduct vital research on fishing grounds in the North Sea.

  • The trawler ‘Calvert’ Photo: Ocean Choice

    Ocean Choice appoints new European MD


    Ocean Choice International has announced that Rens Elderkamp is joining the company’s sales team as managing director of its European operations.

  • The MSC has permitting remote assessments for a further six months Photo: MSC

    MSC extends remote assessment period


    The Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) is continuing to permit remote assessments and audits where Covid-19 restrictions prevent on-site audits.

  • Spanish tuna fleet in full MSC assessment

    Spanish tuna fleet in full MSC assessment


    Spanish tuna association AGAC is entering the full MSC assessment process, requesting its tropical tuna catch be independently assessed against the Marine Stewardship Council Fishery Standard.

  • Volunteers collected 200 bags of rubbish on the shores of Schitovaya Bay Photo: RFC

    Cleaning the beaches in Russia


    The first stage of the Clean Coast Ecological Marathon for clearing the coast of rubbish has been held on the sea coast of Schitovaya Bay in Russia.

  • Ibercisa supplies Olupale’s deck systems

    Ibercisa supplies Olupale’s deck systems


    A new trawler taking shape at the Armón Navia Shipyard for Namibian company Seacope Freezer Fishing is being outfitted with electric winch systems designed and produced by Ibercisa Deck Machinery.

  • Annual exhibition celebrates the sea

    Annual exhibition celebrates the sea


    Generations of artists have sought inspiration from the sea and that tradition continues today as the Royal Society of Marine Artists Annual Exhibition features around four hundred paintings, with a large number documenting commercial fishing and fishermen at work.

  • Longline Survey goes to Plan B, then Plan C

    Longline Survey goes to Plan B, then Plan C


    Scientists will install and test a new data collection system on two Massachusetts fishing vessels for the twice-yearly Gulf of Maine Bottom Longline survey. It’s a story of perseverance and flexibility in the face of difficult challenges.

  • Industry proves its resilience

    Industry proves its resilience


    The marine ingredients industry has proved its resilience in the face of the Covid-19 pandemic, according to IFFO president Anne Mette Baek.

  • Resuming Pacific aerial surveillance

    Resuming Pacific aerial surveillance


    Fisheries ministers at their 17th Forum Fisheries Committee meeting earlier this month recognised the importance of aerial surveillance, including through the Pacific Maritime Security Program–Pacific Islands Forum Fisheries Agency (PMSP/FFA), after noting the increased risk of illegal, unreported and unregulated (IUU) fishing.

  • Charisma completes herring survey

    Charisma completes herring survey


    Shetland pelagic fishing vessel Charisma recently returned to its home port of Symbister on the island of Whalsay after carrying out acoustic survey work for west coast herring.

  • Nelago Kwedhi Photo: Nueva Pescanova Group

    Nueva Pescanova wins documentary award


    Nueva Pescanova Group has been awarded the IPRA Golden World Awards 2020 for its documentary about a community in Namibia transformed by the fishing industry.

  • The Smart Lobster project is monitoring the burrowing habits of the Dublin Bay Prawn Photo: The Marine Institute

    International Dublin Bay Prawn project


    The Marine Institute is collaborating with scientists in Spain on a new project to monitor the digging activity and maintenance of burrows of the Dublin Bay Prawn, using the EMSO SmartBay Observatory located in Galway Bay.

  • New UK PO appoints manager

    New UK PO appoints manager


    The Western FPO, which was set up earlier this year, has appointed Chloe North as its manager.She steps into her new role on 5th October, ahead of the new PO becoming fully operational in 1st January 2021.

  • The study focuses on nutritional pet snack

    Salmon peptides valuable for pet snacks


    A new whitepaper reveals how hydrolysed salmon peptides could replace nutritionally devoid glycerine in semi-moist pet snacks to deliver high nutritional protein value and great palatability.

  • Kari Steinsbø Photo: Nor-Fishing

    One more day until Nor-Fishing 2020 Digital


    There is just one more day until Nor-Fishing 2020 Digital goes live.