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  • PPS will launch its new range of Re-Fresh fish boxes in Brussels

    PPS East launches ‘Re-Fresh’


    At next week’s Seafood Global Expo in Brussels, PPS East Limited will launch its new range of Re-Fresh fish boxes, which have been specifically designed and manufactured to meet the industry’s need for smaller volume reusable packaging.

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    Logistics solutions partner


    Girteka Logistics will be present at Seafood Processing Global to present its transportation solutions for fresh, frozen or packaged seafood products.

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    PPS East signs three year contract


    PPS East has signed a three year contract with Grimsby, UK, business Jaines Seafood - its longest contract in the seafood industry.

  • The Safe2Land fresh fish unloading cage

    Focus on safety with Safe2Land


    Promens will be promoting its Safe2Land fresh fish unloading cage at this year’s IceFish.

  • PPS East fish boxes

    Funding boosts fish box development


    Returnable packaging company PPS East has received two grants totalling £260,000 from the Regional Growth Fund, to help grow and develop its business.

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    New seafood solutions from DB Schenker


    At Seafood Processing Global 2014, DB Schenker will present special solutions for the global seafood industry.

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    Young’s Seafood renews deal with PPS East


    PPS East Limited will continue to deliver services to Young''s Seafood Limited, following the agreement of a new two year contract.

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    Trackwell solution puts QR codes on the menu


    Recent studies show that consumers are generally willing to pay higher prices for responsible fish products.

  • The CodeIT system will be used to label and track Marine Harvest fish boxes

    Marine Harvest signs labelling and tracking contract


    Marine Harvest has signed a new contract for the labelling and tracking of its fish boxes.

  • Container ship in the Faroe Islands

    North Atlantic logistics solutions


    Blue Water Shipping has offered tailor made logistics and transport solutions, and unique personal service, in the North Atlantic region since the 1980s.

  • PPS East offers for sale plastic boxes, crates, baskets, flat deck and collapsible pallets

    PPS fish box sales soar


    Fish box rental company, PPS East Limited, has reported a steady increase in direct sales for its reusable packaging.

  • The new Craemer fish box

    New generation of Craemer fish boxes


    At this year’s Seafood Processing Europe exhibition in Brussels, fish box manufacturer Craemer introduced its new generation of fish boxes.

  • PPS’ fish box supply will now be managed by an internet monitoring system

    PPS East introduces fish box management system


    Grimsby, UK, based PPS East, supplier of plastic fish boxes, tubs and pallets to the seafood industry, has introduced an internet based fish box management system to all Humber fish merchants who buy their fish from the Grimsby fish auction market.

  • PPS' new light export plastic pallet

    New PPS pallets flying high


    Iceland is one of the first countries to introduce scanning of all air cargo for metal detection, as forthcoming EU legislation will eventually be rolled out across Europe.

  • Barcodes are widely used, but they do not speak a common language. Credit: Tor Mülbradt

    Norway launches new barcode standard


    A new barcode standard for fish boxes and pallets, NS 9405:2012, has been established, replacing NS 9405:1998, the previous standard.

  • The overall idea is to develop new technology for catch handling

    SINTEF’s automatic catch handling project


    Norway’s SINTEF - the largest independent research organisation in Scandinavia – is one-and-a-half years into a four-year research project on automatic catch handling systems of whitefish onboard fishing vessels.

  • PPS East also promoted its returnable fish boxes, containers, tubs and plastic pallets

    PPS East showcases new box designs


    PPS East showcased its new designs for a family of returnable lightweight airfreight boxes at the European Seafood Exposition in Brussels, which are being developed for the delivery of flown-in fresh fish.

  • A new all-in-one logistics service for the seafood industry has been announced. © Jorge Royan / / CC-BY-SA-3.0

    All-in-one logistics service for seafood industry


    foodcareplus™ and Nova Fresh Logistics have announced an all-in-one logistics service for the seafood industry.

  • The difference between the new Saeplast 340l container and the 460l container can be seen

    Promens launches new Saeplast container


    Promens is launching a new Saeplast container that has a volume of 340l but a basal area corresponding to the 460l and 660l containers that were two of the most popular Saeplast containers.

  • The RQ-7000M Strapping Machine

    Gordian Strapping machine for Scottish smoke house


    Gordian Strapping has provided a new RQ-7000M strapping machine for St. James Smokehouse.