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  • Maritech and Sea Data Center are producing an analytics tool to help customers understand seafood marketing trends Photo: Maritech

    Maritech launches seafood market data tool


    Marine software company, Maritech, and information provider, Sea Data Center, have joined forces to deliver benchmarking and analytics tools aimed at helping customers better understand the seafood market and pricing trends.

  • Kongsberg to deliver simulator to Belgium

    Kongsberg to deliver simulator to Belgium


    The Flemish Service for Employment and Vocational Training (VDAB) went to Kongsberg for its K-Sim simulation technology to provide comprehensive and targeted training for beam trawler skippers and crews.

  • Hatteland has released a new ultra high definition 43 inch display Photo: Hatteland

    Hatteland unveils new UHD display


    Norwegian maritime display and computer manufacturer, Hatteland Display, has released a new 43 inch display as part of its Series X MVD product family.

  • Volstad embraces digitalisation

    Volstad embraces digitalisation


    Norwegian fishing company Volstad Shipping AS has selected Inmarsat’s high-speed Fleet Xpress mobile satellite communications service to support the operation of its sophisticated factory vessel fishing in Arctic waters

  • Real-time shrimp monitoring with Notus Echo

    Real-time shrimp monitoring with Notus Echo


    Notus has developed what it describes as the first shrimp detector for trawl gears, and reports from the first users to fit the system to shrimp trawls have been highly positive.

  • AST iCatch smartphone app

    Inshore vessels benefit from monitoring app


    Five inshore fishing vessels under 10m have been fitted with the AST AVMS (autonomous vessel monitoring system) and iCatch reporting app as part of the CEFAS/MMO/DEFRA sponsored ‘Spurdog bycatch avoidance programme’ in the southern North Sea.

  • ScanBas 365

    Bridge system improves operational efficiency


    Scanmar has released a new fully customisable bridge system with advanced tracking functions and simplified customisable data display to improve operational control and efficiency.

  • GTMaritime

    New efficient email solution


    GTMaritime has launched an intuitive email management solution that is specifically optimised for fishing vessels to communicate with shore more efficiently and cost-effectively.

  • RockFleet approved for Queensland VMS

    RockFLEET approved as only Iridium solution for Queensland VMS


    The proven RockFLEET global tracking and messaging system, manufactured by UK-based Iridium satcom specialist Rock Seven, has been selected as one of four approved devices in a mandated scheme to install a Vessel Monitoring System (VMS) to all Queensland commercial fishing vessels.

  • The future of anti-fouling – now

    The future of anti-fouling – now


    Ultrasonic anti-fouling technology is making marine growth on hulls and in raw-water cooling systems a thing of the past. This is taking shape against a backdrop of increasingly strict legislation relating to the use of metallic biocides in anti-fouling coatings.

  • Trackwell VMS

    VMS to help AFMA ensure compliance


    Icelandic tech company Trackwell will provide Vessel Monitoring System (VMS) services for Commonwealth commercial fisheries to manage the activity of commercial fishing vessels and ensure continuous compliance with fisheries management regulations.

  • Simulator meets training demand

    New Kongsberg simulator meets training demand for sustainable fisheries


    The first contract for a state-of-the-art simulator covering navigation, fishfinding and catching has been signed with the Lofoten Vocational School in Northern Norway. The new K-Sim Fishery will support training, improving safety and sustainability within the fishing industry.


    Better target detection with WASSP F3X


    Fisherman could benefit from better target detection, deeper depths and greater screen clarity with WASSP’s new F3X multibeam sounder featuring more energy and better processing than its previous F3 model.

  • Presenting the Gear-Eye View

    Presenting the Gear-Eye View


    A revolution has taken place in the last few years in terms of the volume of data that can be transmitted from gear-mounted sensors back to the catching vessel, although there are still significant natural limitations to this and companies developing marine electronics are competing for bandwidth, according to Axel ...

  • WASSP Key Pulse and Interference Management System

    WASSP launches interference management system


    WASSP has launched a Key Pulse and Interference management system including an automated frequency and bandwidth algorithm.

  • ENL Group to support growing European WASSP sales

    ENL Group invests in ENL Europe to support growing WASSP sales


    On 1st February, a new, international office for ENL Group to support the innovative WASSP Multibeam Sonar, opened in the UK located at Maldon in Essex. The successful growth of WASSP sales since its first introduction to the European market in 2006 has seen the requirement for further investment in ...

  • Sensor success in West Africa

    Sensor success in West Africa


    As well as those around the world with a long background in making use of trawl technology from Scanmar, there are some newer big players who are also singing the praises of the Norwegian experts.

  • Eros chooses Fleet Xpress

    Eros chooses Fleet Xpress


    Norwegian fishing company Eros A/S has signed a contract with Inmarsat Maritime to install Fleet Xpress on three fishing vessels operating in the North Sea, Norwegian Sea and Barents Sea.

  • Wesmar

    Wesmar; changing hands after 52 years


    Wesmar founder and president Bruce H. Blakey has announced today that he has sold his company to local businessman Roger Fellows. He founded Western Marine Electronics in 1965 to develop sonar to help commercial fishermen find fish.

  • SeapiX

    A smarter way to fish


    SeapiX from French marine electronics specialist iXblue is a step into the future as it merges familiar fishing tools into a single working environment in a fishing vessel’s wheelhouse.