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  • IP is particularly popular in Spain because of the opportunities it offers for remote repair maintenance.

    Special Report: EU failing to introduce electronic fishing records


    IP is particularly popular in Spain because of the opportunities it offers for remote repair maintenance.Many fishing companies looked to Inmarsat technologies when it came to e-Logs, partly because Inmarsat C is used widely in other areas such as vessel monitoring systems (VMS), or because, as in the case of ...

  • The Satlink VMS solution has allowed the Irish enforcement authorities to implement one of the most advanced VMS systems in the EU.

    VMS: Irish ocean protection


    Vessel Monitoring Systems or VMS is not a new concept for the fishing industry. The system by which fishing vessels are detected and identified is one of the key practices used by many fishing regulating bodies to manage fish stocks, as well as monitor operators in the industry. But as ...

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    New wireless monitoring for fish farmers and breeders


    UK-based Wood & Douglas has developed a monitoring system that enables fish farmers to look after the welfare of their stocks and their on-growing environment while away from farm sites.

  • Gareth Hodson has assumed the role of CEO at Electronic Navigation Ltd.

    New CEO for Electronic Navigation


    The board of directors of marine electronics company Electronic Navigation Limited (ENL) has announced the appointment of Gareth Hodson as chief executive officer of the company.

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    Beacon technology paves way for next-gen SART


    McMurdo Ltd has introduced a new generation of internationally-approved search and rescue transponders (SARTs) that operate on the AIS frequency band. The Smartfind S5 AIS SART was launched following the adoption of the AIS SART product standards into IMO GMDSS carriage requirements as an optional alternative to the traditional 9GHz ...

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    Aucxis provides Dutch and Belgian fleet with E-Catch software


    Onshore electronic auction system manufacturer Aucxis has diversified to develop specific software for the fishing sector’s electronic logbook E-Catch.

  • Koden’s CVS-128 digital echo sounder.

    Popularity grows for Koden’s digital sounder


    Koden CVS-128 digital echo sounder has been fitted on all kinds of small- and middle-size vessels, including professional fishing vessels.

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    Iridium inks Coface agreement


    Mobile satellite service company Iridium Communications Inc has signed the Coface Facility Agreement to finance its next-generation satellite constellation, Iridium Next.

  • The 58-foot Alaskan-built FV Admiral on the wall at Fisherman’s Terminal in Seattle.

    Sonar boosts veteran fisherman’s sockeye catch


    US west coast fisherman Ray Forsman said using Wesmar sonar added to his catch time during the recently ended sockeye salmon season.

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    UK inshore fishing boats trial VMS


    Thirty one inshore vessels in the UK south west are now equipped with a low cost vessel monitoring system (VMS) and are currently reporting their movements every minute, as part of a 12-month pilot trial being run by Seafish, in conjunction with CEFAS, to monitor inshore fishing activity.

  • Wesmar’s HD825 digital system updates its HD800 and SS395 sonars.

    HD825 sonar goes to Pacific Marine Expo


    Wesmar is to showcase its HD825 searchlight sonar at this year’s Pacific Marine Expo (PME) in Seattle, 18-20 November.

  • Shakespeare's new ART-3.

    Shakespeare’s new VHF antenna health checker


    The new ART-3 antenna radio tester from Shakespeare Electronic Products Group offers a cost-effective method of ensuring the radio and antenna are performing to their best efficiency, according to the US-headquartered company.

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    Selex solution meets e-logbook requirement


    Selex Communications has started selling a solution to the UK’s e-logbook requirement for the recording and transmission of fishing activities data.

  • McMurdo’s new Smartfind Navtex.

    New Navtex receiver from McMurdo stable


    McMurdo has launched a new Navtex receiver, the Smartfind GMDSS Navtex.

  • Many Spanish fishing vessel operators are using OpenPort to comply with the new European Union regulations for electronic log keeping and reporting.

    Iridium’s Openport proves popular with Spanish fleet


    US-based Iridium Communications has received orders for more than 100 Iridium OpenPort broadband satellite terminals for installation on Spanish commercial fishing vessels.

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    Ore supplies fish tracking project


    Ore Offshore recently completed a shipment of 100 long-life acoustic releases.

  • Koden Digital Color LCD Echo Sounder CVS-1410_1410HS

    New echo sounder from Koden


    Koden has introduced its new 10.4in Digital Color LCD Echo Sounder CVS-1410 as a cost effective model and its CVS-1410HS as high sensitivity model for professional use.

  • Garmin’s new AIS 300 receiver

    Garmin introduces the new AIS 300 receiver


    Garmin® has announced the AIS 300 – a black box receiver that enables wireless monitoring of other nearby Class A and Class B Automatic Identification System (AIS)-enabled vessels that may pose a collision risk.

  • The Bridge Navigational Watch Alarm System BW-800

    New Bridge Navigational Watch Alarm System


    The new Bridge Navigational Watch Alarm System BW-800 from Uni-Safe Electronics A/S complies with IMO MSC 128(75) and the new IEC 62616 performance standard as of February 2010.

  • WESMAR’s new HD825 Series Searchlight Sonar

    WESMAR introduces the new HD825 sonar


    WESMAR is introducing the new HD825 Series Searchlight Sonar this month.