Manufacturers of all types of fishing ropes, netting & twines including poly steel ropes and compact netting. Founded in 1947, SICOR specialised in the production of cordage and netting for commerce, industry, agriculture and fishing.

 However, the company only initiated its activity in 1952, becoming the first mechanical plant in the Aveiro District regarding the cordage sector. Its products were until then manufactured exclusively from natural fibres. In 1965, SICOR initiated the production of synthetic fibres. Currently, SICOR produces a wide range of products, using either synthetic or natural fibres. Among the manufactured products are cordage, agricultural twines, fishing nets and technical weavings. With over 60 years of experience and equipped with modern technology, the company includes 3 production units, two of them in Portugal and one in Brazil, occupying an area of more than 150,000 square meters.

Sicor International have a diversified portfolio. Our range of products include ropes, twines & cordage, fibre ropes, twines, cordage, sports & leisure netting, safety netting, scramble netting, camouflage netting, bird control netting, litter control netting, waste control netting and complete landfill system netting.


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