Deltarub develops and distributes high quality fishing gear across the world. Our innovative products help you grow. 

Why work with us?
12+ Years Experience - With 12 years experience in the fishing environment, Deltarub has become a worldwide supplier for quality fishing gear.
Tailormade Services - We are specialised in solving problems by providing tailormade solutions for the fishing industry and steel constructions.
Customer Satisfaction - At Deltarub, we believe that a satisfied customer is the number one priority. Every customer enjoys personalised advice and service.

Our Products
Bobbins | Plastic Bobbins | Dish Bobbins | Half & Spoked Bobbins | Spherical Bobbins | Round Bobbins
Rubber Rockhopper | Moulded rockhoppers | Joint Rockhopper
Tyres Disc | Moulded Discs | Conveyor Disc
Shrimpgear | Toggles | Rubber Spacer | Rubber Wheels