Cotesi – Companhia de Têxteis Sintéticos, S.A. was founded in 1967 and was the forerunner in Europe in the production of twines, nets and ropes made from synthetic and natural raw materials.

Cotesi is one of the worldwide leading companies in the production and distribution of ropes and nets for fishing, aquaculture, mooring and other industrial uses.

With a vast experience in this market, Cotesi keeps its focus in the future, being in the front line of innovation and development of pioneer products, and continuously providing new solutions for the increasing demands of its Customers.

Its global presence has been allowing Cotesi to build a network of solid relationships with its Customers around the world.

The deep knowledge of the industry´s needs and a strong notion of service turn Cotesi into a partner rather than a supplier.

A pioneer in its field, Cotesi´s proactive technical innovation and constant research and development define the company´s success.

Cotesi is an ISO9001:2015 certified company giving you a full warranty of the highest standards of quality required for your company´s success.

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