Skaginn 3x

Skaginn 3x

Forged in Iceland, shaped by the seafood industry, Skaginn 3X is an innovative producer of high-tech processing systems for the global food processing industry.

Where innovation meets experience
A highly innovative approach, solution-focused principles and decades of food processing experience have made Skaginn3X an expert in meeting the rigorous requirements of international clients in the food processing sector.

Where sustainability supports profitability
For Skaginn 3X, product quality is everything. The company seeks to maximize quality, maintain cost effectiveness and increase profitability while ensuring that clients use all their resources to the fullest.

Where quality, throughput and yield are maximized
Skaginn 3X offers a range of patented chilling, freezing and thawing solutions as well as efficient food processing systems. Everything the company does is designed to maximize product quality, increase yield, throughput and overall operational efficiency.

Where a global network delivers the right results
Headquartered in Iceland, Skaginn 3X has offices and collaborators around the world, working closely with customers in the food processing industry to deliver solutions that bring sustainable value to their business.