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    BlueFinger launches web-delivered electronic catch reporting system


    BlueFinger, the marine subsidiary of Cybit, has launched Saffire-ERS, a commercially available electronic catch reporting system to assist authorities to record, report and process catch-related fishing data in accordance with international fishing regulations.

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    Trio of trawlers get the Wired Ocean treatment


    SELEX Communications, a Wired Ocean reseller, has reported the successful installation of the maritime broadband solution aboard three Scottish trawlers.

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    Furuno’s new VSAT antenna to be launched Q1 2010


    Furuno Electric Co Ltd has announced that its new, high-performance Ku-band VSAT antenna for satellite-based maritime broadband communications will be introduced to the market in the first quarter of 2010.

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    Inmarsat and Satlink win first European fishing eLogbook contract


    Inmarsat and its service partner Satlink have won the first ever European contract to migrate those working in the fishing industry from a paper logbook system to electronic recording and reporting as required by EU Directive 1077/2088.

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    Simrad presents new products


    Simrad found that visitors to this year''s WFE were very interested in the company''s new products presented at the exhibition, as well as its well-proven existing products.

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    New products from Furuno


    At WFE 2009, Furuno España introduced a variety of new products to the fishing industry, including:

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    Presenting two new radars


    At Danfish this year, Navteam will present the two new radars from Japan Radio Company Ltd (JRC), JRC JMA 5200MKII and 5300MKII.

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    Traceability of Danish fish


    In 2009, detailed plans for a general traceability system for the Danish fishing industry will be completed. The system will enable the industry to provide electronic traceability information in a standard form for all fish auctioned.

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    CDs for fishing plotters free at Kingfisher stand


    For over 40 years Kingfisher, a department within the UK based Sea Fish Industry Authority, has supplied fishermen with seabed information. Kingfisher now produces charts and fishing plotter files containing positions of man-made offshore obstructions connected with the UK offshore oil and gas industry and the submarine telecommunications and power ...

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    Making waves in sonar technology


    eSonar Inc, a company based in St. John’s Newfoundland, Canada, has been developing sonar equipment for a diverse market. eSonar was formed early in 2009 as an underwater sonar service, development and manufacturing company specialising in high technology products for international marine markets.

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    DTU Aqua presents results


    Staff from The National Institute of Aquatic Resources (DTU Aqua) in Denmark will be at The DTU Aqua stand to present and discuss the results of a recently completed project on electronic monitoring.

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    Supplying marine safety equipment


    Uni-Safe Electronics A/S is a supplier of marine safety equipment and electronics, exporting to more than 35 countries worldwide.

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    TracePlace presented at WFE


    According to EU regulations 1088/2008, fishing vessels greater than 24m in length overall will be required to electronically record and transmit logbook data on a daily basis as from 1 January 2010. The same requirement will apply to EU fishing vessels greater than 15m in length overall as from 1 ...

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    Complete data recording and reporting solution


    The Olfish Dynamic Data Logger (Olfish-DDL), combined with the Olfish Electronic catch Reporting System (Olfish-ERS), is a complete data recording and reporting solution which is fully compliant with EU regulations (EC) No 1077/2008, (EC) No 1966/2006 and (EC) No 1566/2007. The system consists of:

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    Latest satcom advances


    Hispanova Vigo, S.A, sells and repairs marine radio equipment and communications for fishing fleets, merchant vessels and newbuilds.

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    Notus Marítima official opening at WFE


    Notus Marítima, a newly established subsidiary of Notus Electronics Ltd in Canada, will officially open at the World Fishing Exhibition in Vigo, Spain. Notus Marítima, based in Vigo, services and supplies the complete line of Notus net monitoring systems for trawlers and seiners.

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    Next generation sonar and echosounder systems to be launched at WFE


    Simrad will launch the new SH90 high frequency sonar and the new ES70 split beam echo sounder during the World Fishing Exhibition in Vigo. Both the SH90 and ES70 build upon de facto industry standard systems, already used to improve catch efficiency aboard thousands of fishing vessels worldwide.

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    Kongsberg Maritime receives 100th deep-water multibeam order


    Kongsberg Maritime has announced that its 100th deep-water multibeam echo sounder system has been ordered and will be delivered in November 2009 to the US Naval Oceanographic Office (NAVOCEANO).

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    Finding the bigger fish


    Brian Styke, Master of the 334-foot Bering Sea factory trawler Arctic Storm, says that WESMAR''s powerful HD850 sonar has "the ability to find the fish other sonars miss.”

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    C A Clase presents SeaCross CX100


    C A Clase showed the SeaCross CX100 navigation system at Seawork 2009 for the first time. Complete with unique radar functions, incredible system reaction time and an easy to use interface, the company says that the high performance product has been designed to provide users with high speed and accurate ...