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  • Serving Russia’s Norwegian-based fleet

    Serving Russia’s Norwegian-based fleet


    Through mutually beneficial agreements between Russia and Norway, the Russian whitefish fleet has enjoyed access to the fishing grounds in the western Barents Sea and inside the Norwegian zone.

  • Why sustainable fisheries need VMS

    Why sustainable fisheries need VMS


    There has been discussion across the industry about adapting AIS for fisheries monitoring. Increasingly AIS is seen as a transparent and freely available tool and as a result fishermen and companies are questioning why they should have a separate VMS, writes Jean-Pierre Cauzac, Head of Strategic Projects at the ...

  • Margaret Katie’s new lease of life

    Margaret Katie’s new lease of life


    Built in 1988, the French-built, Baudouin-powered Margaret Katie has been in Ireland for some years and was acquired just last autumn by skipper/owner Noel ‘Owenie’ O’Sullivan, who immediately set about a major upgrade project of renewal and refurbishment of the trawler/seiner.

  • Commercial fisheries are helping fund the new K-Sim Fishery simulator at the Greenland Maritime Centre Photo: Kongsberg Digital

    New simulator for Greenland Maritime Centre


    Nine commercial fishery companies have donated DKK3.2 million to Danish training institute, the Greenland Maritime Centre, for investment in a K-Sim Fishery simulator from Kongsberg Digital.

  • FLIR has released a new range of thermal image cameras Photo: FLIR

    Navigate more safely with FLIR thermal images


    US camera manufacturer, FLIR Systems, has unveiled a new range of maritime thermal cameras delivering advanced awareness-enhancing technologies, safer navigation and seamless integration with onboard boat systems.

  • Serving a high-tech, high-efficiency fleet

    Serving a high-tech, high-efficiency fleet


    Iceland has long been a prime market for electronics company Scanmar, with an Icelandic subsidiary managed by Thórir Matthíasson from workshops in Garðabaer.

  • WASSP releases firmware updates

    WASSP releases firmware updates


    WASSP Multibeam has invested in many new enhancements, bug fixes and licenses with the release of two new firmware updates, CDX 4.0 and DRX 6.0, for its F3 and F3X multibeam sonar systems designed for the fishing industry.

  • Simrad has released two new GPS systems Photo: Simrad

    Simrad expands GPS range


    Marine electronics manufacturer, Simrad, has updated its GPS range with the P3007 and P2005.

  • Scanmar’s role in Russian fleet renewal??

    Scanmar’s role in Russian fleet renewal


    Murmansk company Murmanseld2 is currently building four new vessels at the Pella Shipyard in Saint Petersburg - a contract with a value in excess of €160 million.

  • Igueldo reaps benefits of WASSP F3X sonar

    Igueldo reaps benefits of WASSP F3X sonar


    The skipper of squid trawler Igueldo is more than happy with the WASSP F3X system installed during the recent refit.

  • 'Strand Senior'

    Pelagic newbuilds to feature Sonihull systems


    12 pelagic fishing newbuilds from the Karstensens Skibsvaerft shipyard in Skagen, Denmark have been fitted with NRG Marine’s Sonihull ultrasonic antifouling systems to protect their box coolers.

  • USV provides fleet fishfinder platform

    USV provides fleet fishfinder platform


    Kongsberg Maritime has unveiled a brand-new Unmanned Surface Vehicle (USV), a uniquely versatile craft designed and built to provide the highest possible standard of data acquisition.

  • MaxSea launches TZ v4

    MaxSea launches TZ v4


    MaxSea’s TZ Professional v4 has been released, bringing with it a number of new features that expand its functionality for fishing.

  • Maritech and Sea Data Center are producing an analytics tool to help customers understand seafood marketing trends Photo: Maritech

    Maritech launches seafood market data tool


    Marine software company, Maritech, and information provider, Sea Data Center, have joined forces to deliver benchmarking and analytics tools aimed at helping customers better understand the seafood market and pricing trends.

  • Kongsberg to deliver simulator to Belgium

    Kongsberg to deliver simulator to Belgium


    The Flemish Service for Employment and Vocational Training (VDAB) went to Kongsberg for its K-Sim simulation technology to provide comprehensive and targeted training for beam trawler skippers and crews.

  • Hatteland has released a new ultra high definition 43 inch display Photo: Hatteland

    Hatteland unveils new UHD display


    Norwegian maritime display and computer manufacturer, Hatteland Display, has released a new 43 inch display as part of its Series X MVD product family.

  • Volstad embraces digitalisation

    Volstad embraces digitalisation


    Norwegian fishing company Volstad Shipping AS has selected Inmarsat’s high-speed Fleet Xpress mobile satellite communications service to support the operation of its sophisticated factory vessel fishing in Arctic waters

  • Real-time shrimp monitoring with Notus Echo

    Real-time shrimp monitoring with Notus Echo


    Notus has developed what it describes as the first shrimp detector for trawl gears, and reports from the first users to fit the system to shrimp trawls have been highly positive.

  • AST iCatch smartphone app

    Inshore vessels benefit from monitoring app


    Five inshore fishing vessels under 10m have been fitted with the AST AVMS (autonomous vessel monitoring system) and iCatch reporting app as part of the CEFAS/MMO/DEFRA sponsored ‘Spurdog bycatch avoidance programme’ in the southern North Sea.

  • ScanBas 365

    Bridge system improves operational efficiency


    Scanmar has released a new fully customisable bridge system with advanced tracking functions and simplified customisable data display to improve operational control and efficiency.