New Cyclops system from Morgère

02 Feb 2016
Morgère’s new Cyclops monitoring system

Morgère’s new Cyclops monitoring system

Morgère has launched an innovative new monitoring system called Cyclops that enables pair trawlers to optimise trawl performance.

The new Cyclops system provides pair team skippers with the ability to monitor and control the size of the pair trawl opening whilst at the same time using the optimum amount of chain required to ensure the desired depth of the fishing gear.

The patented system features a specially designed spherical steel bobbin sited on each of the two towing warps linking the pair vessels to the trawl. The bobbin has a tube-shaped insert on the topside to hold an electronic trawl monitoring sensor, whilst the lower part has six attachment points for fixing the chain.

The unique design combined with the position of the bobbin on the towing warps enables pair team vessels to accurately monitor the size and depth of the pair trawl opening when fishing. This in turn enables much greater control of the pair trawl.

Cyclops has successfully completed working sea trials on the French pair trawlers Bressay Bank and André Leduc, operated by Boulogne based fishing company Euronor. Fishing for hake to the east of Shetland, the trawler skippers found that the Cyclops system boosted the efficiency and handling of the gear.

Stephane Soltane, the captain in charge of fishing equipment for Euronor, said, “We tested the Cyclops in November 2015 in the North sea with the designer of Morgère Martin Bouchard. Thanks to the Cyclops, we were able to shorten the length of wire used, thus reducing the distance between the trawl and the boat, making all kinds of fishing manoeuvres at sea easily achievable.

“We are very satisfied with the Cyclops from Morgère and we have decided to equip all our pair trawlers with the system. I think Cyclops has a great future!”

Following the successful trials, Cyclops is now in commercial production and available to fishing fleets around the world.