Svanaug Elise install MolBridge matrix

MS Svanaug Elise has upgraded their bridge with our MolBridge KVM-Matrix.

29.01.2024 - Ålesund

A big upgrade has been done on the navigation bridge onboard MS Svanaug Elise (former Ligrunn). The old video matrix was removed and replaced by our MolBridge KVM-matrix.
The old VGA-video cables were removed and replaced by new network cables and MolBridge KVM boxes. This gives the vessel more flexibility, with the support of resolutions up to 4K, and prepared for further expansions. 

On the MolBridge matrix system selecting video sources on the different monitors is done from the intuitive touch screen. The users can save their favorite monitor setup and later quickly recall the setup in just a few seconds. In addition the brightness of all the monitors can be indvidually adjusted from the MolBridge touch screen, either via a slider or predefined buttons (day, dusk night). Onboard Svanaug Elise we have installed two touch screens, one for the fwd bridge and one for the aft bridge. With the MolBridge KVM matrix, all the connected sources can be controlled from a common trackball and keyboard, this made it possible for us to remove the older trackballs and keyboard that was connected directly to the different systems.

Our own design of consoles for moutning two Hatteland  55” MVD monitors made it possible to reuse the old mounts on the original console. The monitor consoles was produced for us by Elpro  and we are really happy with the result!