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  • The event will highlight the potential use of high performance marine battery systems and stored energy

    High Performance Marine Batteries & Stored Energy Workshop


    This unique event brings together an international group of experts armed with the latest knowledge to highlight the potential use of high performance marine battery systems and stored energy.

  • The Maritime Aquarium at Norwalk research vessel 'Spirit of the Sound' is equipped with BAE Systems HybriGen technology

    Hybrid technology for fishing and aquaculture


    In 2016 two significant developments are going to make many owners, operators and builders of fishing vessels consider hybrid marine power.

  • The 6090SFM85 model

    John Deere introduces Tier 3 marine engine lineup


    John Deere Power Systems (JDPS) has announced that it meets U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Marine Tier 3 emissions regulations with a complete lineup of diesel engines from 74 to 559kW (99 to 750hp).

  • News

    Six-cylinder upgrade


    Germany’s MAN Engines is set to modernise its range of inline six-cylinder engines for work boats with the launch of the latest generation of engines based on the MAN D2676 with cylinder capacity of 12.4 litres.

  • ‘Grateful’. Credit: www.karstensens.dk

    Scana signs trawler propulsion contract


    Scana Propulsion has signed a contract to deliver gear and cp-propeller system to Eshcol Fishing Company’s new pelagic trawler ‘Grateful’.

  • The Wärtsilä 31 engine

    Record-breaking engine


    Wärtsilä has recently launched its Wärtsilä 31 medium speed engine – which has achieved a Guinness World Records title for the most efficient 4-stroke diesel engine.

  • CJCTM Mariel Diesel Purifier with Variable Flow Control

    Oil system maintenance is the key to clean diesel


    C. C. Jensen writes for WF&A on the importance of ‘clean diesel’.

  • OXE Diesel on sea trials

    Marine Harvest to trial first OXE Diesel commercial outboard


    Supacat Group company, MDS Marine, has signed a contract with Marine Harvest Scotland for the first pre-production OXE Diesel, the first viable diesel outboard engine for the commercial sector.

  • The 12M26.3 engine

    Special offer at DanFish


    DT-Interlink will present the new range of Moteurs Baudouin 6- and 12-cylinder high speed marine engines at DanFish in October.

  • The new fishing vessel will feature an integrated Wärtsilä propulsion solution including main engine, controllable pitch propeller and gearbox

    New Scottish fishing vessel powered by Wärtsilä


    Norway’s Simek AS is building a new modern fishing vessel on behalf of UK operator Antares (Whalsay) Fishing Company Ltd.

  • Aranda. Credit: Jukka Pajala

    The next generation research vessel


    Marine research vessel ''Aranda'' is to be renovated to meet the needs of future marine research in the Baltic Sea.

  • News

    Aviation fuel from aquaculture


    Construction has started on an integrated seawater, energy and agriculture facility at Masdar City, Abu Dhabi.

  • News

    Funding announced for tribal clean diesel projects


    The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has announced over $925,000 in grant funds for tribes in Washington to remove older marine diesel engines that emit harmful air pollutants and replace them with newer engines for more efficient marine vessels.

  • Aranda is switching to domestic biofuel made from food industry by-products. Credit: Juha Flinkman, SYKE

    Research vessel switches to biofuel


    Finnish marine research vessel Aranda is switching over to domestic biofuel made from food industry by-products, such as used vegetable oils and fish guts, which will significantly reduce the vessel’s carbon load.

  • FF Kronprins Haakon will carry out environmental research at the North and South Poles

    Rolls-Royce propulsion for new research vessel


    Rolls-Royce has won the contract to supply a fully integrated propulsion system for Norway’s new Polar Research Vessel.

  • News

    Fuel savings for Peruvian company


    Broquet International Ltd. Has received an order to supply fuel saving devices for installation on the main and auxiliary engines of over 60 trawlers in the Tecnologica de Alimentos SA (TASA) fleet, a major fishing company based in Lima, Peru.

  • QSK50

    Cummins launches QSK50


    Cummins Inc. has announced that the QSK50 marine engine for variable speed diesel electric (VSDE) applications is now available.

  • The new PowerTechTM 4045TFM85 propulsion ratings expand the John Deere Marine Tier 3 lineup

    John Deere expands engine lineup


    John Deere Power Systems (JDPS) has introduced new propulsion ratings to its EPA Marine Tier 3 engine offerings.

  • Illustration of the two new fishing vessels for the Scotland based fishing company Lunar Fishing, which will feature Wärtsilä’s main propulsion and control equipment

    Wärtsilä equipment chosen for new fishing vessels


    Two new 78m purser/trawler fishing vessels being designed and built at Karstensen Shipyard in Denmark will feature Wärtsilä’s main propulsion and control equipment.

  • Grotle. Courtesy of Cummins Norway

    Owner satisfied with vessel’s performance


    In June 2013, Polish Shipyard Poltramp began the construction of a 20.99 x 8.5m longliner for a Norwegian customer.