Integrated design and equipment packages for fishing vessels

Fishing vessels are now benefiting from unrivalled experience gained by Rolls-Royce from its integrated design and equipment packages for offshore vessels - Two purse seiner/pelagic trawlers now under construction mark a significant step for Rolls-Royce. This is the first time the company has supplied integrated design and equipment packages for fishing vessels in the same way as it has done for many years in the offshore industry. The vessels are for Norwegian owners, and the designs have been developed by Ship Technology- NVC to meet the two owners' specific requirements.

Gunnar Longva will be a 71m long pelagic purser/trawler, built to the Norwegian 2,000 cubic metre capacity limit, with the catch held in 11 tanks. The vessel will fish capelin and blue whiting to full capacity, and a high top speed in the region of 18 knots was required so that the Gunnar Longva can also bring relatively small catches of high quality herring and mackerel quickly and efficiently to market. The vessel is being built at Westcon for delivery in November 2003.

Rolls-Royce will provide Gunnar Longva with a comprehensive package of equipment and systems, as well as the design. The main engine will be a nine cylinder Bergen B32:40 producing 4,500kW and turning a 3.6m diameter Kamewa Ulstein CP propeller. Manoeuvring will be enhanced by a high lift rudder with Tenfjord steering gear, and 736kW Kamewa Ulstein tunnel thrusters at both bow and stern. The automation and control package will include alarms and monitoring, power management, control system, tank sounding and the switchboards and consoles. A Rauma Brattvaag winch package will include the two 72 tonne trawl winches, two 35 tonne purse seine winches and a 56 tonnne net drum.

Rav is a 65m long vessel for Peter Hepsø Rederi. A high transit speed, excellent sea keeping, low fuel consumption, and good freeboard with the 1,650m? fish hold full were the leading requirements. Experience from many previous fishing vessels and fast passenger ships enabled the designers to optimise a set of hull lines meeting these requirements and tank tests indicate extremely low resistance at the selected operating speeds. An important factor in developing the design was to incorporate margins so that the owner can install extra equipment later without compromising stability or freeboard.

Peter Hepsø Rederi will fish for a variety of species using trawl or ring nets and the vessel will mainly work in the North Sea, the Atlantic and the Barents Sea. In addition to the design and calculations, Rolls-Royce will provide the complete propulsion system including tunnel thrusters, rudder, steering gear and the control and monitoring system. Rav will be powered by a Bergen B32:40 engine developing 4,500kW. The construction contract was placed with Eidsvik Skipsbyggeri and delivery is scheduled for May 2003.


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