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    Hawaii's $100m fishery reopens


    Hawaii''s longline vessels can fish again for bigeye tuna in the waters surrounding the Hawaiian Islands.

  • The new ‘Jumper’ trawl door

    New trawl door significantly reduces seabed contact


    The new ‘Jumper’ trawl door from Morgére has been designed to minimise contact with the seabed.

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    ‘Flipper’ design moves to Type 14 VF


    Last year Thyborøn Trawldoor introduced the ‘Flipper’ doors, as a technical design change to the existing Type 15 VF - this year the company has moved this design change with its adjustable foils to its Type 14 VF.

  • President Michel was accompanied on the visit by the Minister for Fisheries and Agriculture, Wallace Cosgrow; the Principal Secretary for Fisheries and Agriculture, Michel Nalletamby; and Special Adviser for Fisheries to the Minister for Fisheri...

    Three new longliners for Seychelles


    Three new longline vessels have been added to the Seychelles’ longliner fleet.

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    PSH chosen as awards finalist


    The new Precision Seafood Harvesting fishing technology being developed in New Zealand has been announced as a finalist in Seaweb’s Seafood Champion Awards at Seafood Expo Asia in Hong Kong.

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    Morocco orders Morgère trawl doors


    Moroccan fishing company, Omnium Marocain de Pêche, has ordered 10 sets of VO08 trawl doors from Morgère.

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    Seabird sprayer approved


    A new seabird mitigation device called a sprayer has been approved by the Australian Fisheries Management Authority (AFMA), following results showing that it reduces seabird interactions with trawlers by 90%.

  • 'Cap Horn 1'

    Cap Bourbon and Sapmer sign charter agreement


    Toothfish companies Cap Bourbon and Sapmer have signed a bareboat charter agreement for the longliner ‘Cap Horn 1’ for two years with a purchase option.

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    Students design seal bycatch solutions


    Students from the University of Tasmania''s Institute for Marine and Antarctic Studies (IMAS) have been recognised for their innovative designs for devices to reduce the incidental capture of seals during trawl fishing.

  • New HookSeparator™ Coastal

    New HookSeparator™ for smaller boats


    Mustad Autoline has launched HookSeparator™ Coastal, designed for smaller boats with limited space.

  • The Flipper foil concept has been patented worldwide

    ‘Flipper’ showcased at DanFish


    Thyborøn will be showcasing its new, versatile flying trawl door, ‘Flipper’ at DanFish.

  • Eurocross® knotless netting

    Knotless netting on display


    WireCo WorldGroup (Euronete/Oliveira) will be exhibiting Eurocross® netting on their joint exhibition stand at DanFish this year.

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    Seafish launches gear database


    UK authority Seafish has launched a comprehensive online portal that details common fishing gears and selectivity devices used in commercial fisheries throughout the UK and Europe.

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    Louisiana to enforce TED laws


    As of 1 August, Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries enforcement agents will be authorised to enforce federal turtle excluder device (TED) and bycatch reduction device (BRD) regulations in state territorial waters.

  • Nigel Sanders has received World Animal Protection’s Sea Change award

    Sea Change Champion award


    World Animal Protection has presented its Sea Change award to Nigel Sanders, a Swansea, Wales, based fishermen, for his innovative project that reduces the impact of lost lobster pots on the marine environment and prevents lobsters and other marine animals being unnecessarily caught.

  • Seafish has updated its ‘Basic Fishing Methods’ publication,

    Seafish updates fishing methods publication


    UK authority Seafish has published its new ‘Basic Fishing Methods’, a popular publication which details the various fishing methods used by commercial fishermen catching seafood in the UK.

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    Net Systems adds purse seine net loft


    Net Systems on Bainbridge Island, Washington State, USA, has taken over the Purse Seine Net Department for Marco Global.

  • INAPESCA has introduced a new cage model for use in coastal fishing

    New cage to reduce bycatch


    Mexico’s National Fisheries Institute (INAPESCA) has introduced a new cage model for use in coastal fishing, which will help reduce bycatch as it only allows the extraction of commercial size fish.

  • Seabird warp deflectors (pinkies) in action

    Guide to developing new seabird mitigation devices


    The Australian Fisheries Management Authority (AFMA) has released a new ‘Guide to developing new seabird mitigation devices in trawl fisheries’, which aims to make it easier for trawl operators to trial new seabird mitigation devices to reduce seabird interactions and improve operational efficiencies and crew safety.

  • A new shrimp trawling system has been designed in Mexico. Credit: SAGARPA

    New system designed to catch shrimp


    Researchers at Mexico’s National Institute of Fisheries (INAPESCA) have designed a new trawling system for catching shrimp, which will result in fuel savings, less impact on the environment, and reduction of non-target species bycatch.