PENKO Engineering B.V

The fishing industry knows the delicate balance of profit and loss which is subjected to unpredictable fluctuations outside of our control.

All the more the fish handling and process industry requires - unlike any other - adaptable and flexible process controls.

PENKO Engineering B.V. focuses on the development, creation and technical support of particular reliable weighing instruments and controls, working at high speed, high internal resolution and high accuracy, especially designed for use in the process industry. A large collection of auxiliary components for weighing, dosing, measuring, displaying and controlling, as well as products for installation in automatic machines, augments the product and service offering.

We have taken the unique PENKO way of measuring - high speed 1600 conversions/s and high internal resolution - and enhanced this with a low energy harvesting, wireless Cloud Data Storage functionality. This application can be applied to instruments for static and dynamic weighing, for on- or off-shore aquaponics and fish farming, as well as fast applications such as filling and check-weighing. This is indicative to saving raw materials or finished goods, providing a fast return of investment while supporting the sustainability value of our customers.

PENKO’s echo system is built on years of customer trust and confidence. We aspire to grow collaborative relationships by listening to your needs and delivering to expectation.

Penko is a subsidiary of ETC (Electronic Theater Controls) in America.

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