The Dakota Creek Industries yard at Anacortes in Washington has delivered a new longliner to Seattle fishing company Blue North.

The new Blue North is the most advanced longliner of its kind to fish in the Pacific, built to target Alaska cod. The new longliner has been delivered, with a christening ceremony due to take place later this week.

The 58.35 metre overall, 12.80 metre beam longliner is a ST155L design from Norwegian naval architect Skipsteknisk, and Blue North contains a host of innovations.

It has a moonpool and a centreline hauling position, allowing the line to be hauled and the fish retrieved in a closed position. This provides opportunities for gently releasing non-target species fish and also makes the entire hauling operation more secure for the crew.

As well as the moonpool, Blue North has been fitted out with stunning equipment as a key part of the company’s Humane Harvest policy. Fish are stripped from the line without having to be gaffed as they are are brought on board via the moonpool, and pass through the stunner before being processed. This reduces the levels to which the fish are stressed during the capture process, and Blue North has determined that this also has a significant impact on the final product as unstressed fish maintain a better taste, a longer shelf life and better nutritional values.,

Blue North is built with a heavily weighted box keel design and has an anti-roll tank to provide a highly stable working platform. It also has diesel-electric propulsion, with twin propeller dual-azimuth propulsion systems, as well as being one of the first vessels in the United States fishing fleet to meet the latest Tier III emissions standards.

Dakota Creek Industries is also at work on the construction of a new factory trawler, also a Skipsteknisk design, for Fishermen’s Finest. This ST-116XL trawler is designed for targeting groundfish, including yellow sole and rock sole, in the North Pacific, Gulf of Alaska, Chukchi Sea and Bering Sea. It is to be powered by a MAN 8L32/44CR common rail main engine and will be the first ST-116XL for a US company.