New winch optimises wire tension

23 Sep 2015
Cosmos Trawl’s new winch

Cosmos Trawl’s new winch

Cosmos Trawl A/S has recently launched its new tension winch for tightening wire rope.

As bigger trawlers raise the demand for correctly installed wires, the company says it has launched the new solution to tighten the wire rope quicker and safer than any other solution on the Danish market. The new tension winch pulls up to 15 tons tension and 44mm wires, and is the only one of its kind in Denmark that focuses on tension.  

“To ensure a tight installation of the wire, the new winch is bolted to the ground and it holds back the wire to keep tension in order. To the fishermen, this means that they will avoid dealing with loose wires and being afraid of the wire getting damaged, when it is run with tension the first time,” Thorleif Grønkjær, Cosmos Trawl sales manager explains. 

“The wire is run around eight pulleys. The winch has two big brakes to secure that the wire runs tightly. After correct installation with no open spaces, the risk of abrasion and breakage of the wire is at a minimum, and the lifespan of the wire extends.”

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