Fuel savings for Peruvian company

15 Jan 2015

Broquet International Ltd. Has received an order to supply fuel saving devices for installation on the main and auxiliary engines of over 60 trawlers in the Tecnologica de Alimentos SA (TASA) fleet, a major fishing company based in Lima, Peru.

This follows 18 months of successful testing on TASA’s vessels. 

As of November 2014 the total number of Broquet units supplied for main engines has now risen to 93. Engines in the TASA fleet range in size from 450 HP to 2,500HP. 

Aside from having one of the largest fishing fleets in South America, TASA is also a major fish oil and fishmeal producing company with 16 processing plants. As a result of the success in reducing fuel consumption on the vessel’s main engines, Broquet’s fuel catalyst units have now also been installed on over 60 generators and pumps in use by the company. 

This now brings the total number of Broquet fuel saving units supplied to TASA to 153. 

Fuel savings of up to 9% were recorded during the 18 month trial, together with reductions in stack emissions and stack temperatures. Fitting of the Broquet units to the fleet has not only brought significant financial savings on fuel costs, but also important reductions in maintenance costs, with the virtual elimination of carbon deposits within the engine.  

Environmental objectives are also being met, with a 2.25 tonne reduction in CO2 for every tonne of fuel saved. 

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