Trefjar Ltd. manufacturer of fibreglass boats, aquaculture equipment and acrylic parts was established in the town of Hafnarfjörður in Iceland in 1977 by its managing director Mr. Auðun N. Óskarsson.

The company commenced its operation with one employee, manufacturing car body parts of reinforced fibreglass. The company has expanded its operations considerably since 1977 and is now the largest, and by far the leading manufacturer, of its kind in Iceland. The company has now two factories: one since 1996 a 3.500 m2 factory house with 15.000 m2 of outdoor working space and another since 2008 a 3.800m2 purpose built boat factory with 8.000m2 outdoor working space.

Trefjar Ltd. has manufactured over 400 small craft fibreglass fishing boats of several different sizes and types since 1979. These boats, SKEL 26, SKEL 80 and SKEL 86 were the most popular fishing boats among the small boat fishing men in Iceland in the eighties. The SKEL boats were a new concept in the building of small fishing boats based on an old traditional Icelandic design of small craft vessels “the Breidarfjardarlag” which has proved its working capabilities and seaworthiness an rough seas around Iceland, since the beginning of the century. The SKEL boats are a combination of the best from the past, and the present, in building of small fishing boats for part time and professional fishermen.

In 1994 Trefjar Ltd. developed a new line of fast fishing boats the Cleopatra series. The Cleopatra series is manufactured mainly in four sizes Cleopatra Fisherman 31, Cleopatra Fisherman 33, Cleopatra Fisherman 38 and Cleopatra Fisherman 50. The Cleopatra boats are high speed boats designed to meet all requirements of professional fishermen for efficiency, speed and seaworthiness. The Cleopatra Fisherman are particularly spacious and strong fishing boats. They can be outfitted for trawling, Danish seining, potting, long lining with autoline system and handline fishing with jigging reels. They are designed to reach to midshore fishing grounds, either as high speed long liners or economic and efficient small trawlers. The Cleopatra boats are a good choice for fishing companies and professional fishermen. They can deliver good catches and high revenues for a low investment.