Hookpod Ltd is the manufacturer and supplier of the Hookpod, a remarkable new standalone mitigation device which prevents the by catch of seabirds and turtles in pelagic longline fisheries

without the need for tori lines, lead weights or night setting. Hookpod Ltd is a company set up to solve one of fishing’s biggest environmental challenges – seabird by catch in pelagic longlining. Working with the fishing industry, we’ve spent nearly 10 years perfecting what fishermen need, a solution that fits seamlessly into the fishing operation, allowing them to catch fish and not birds. The Hookpod covers the barb of the hook, meaning birds diving to take the bait cannot get hooked and dragged under. It opens at 20m, is re-usable, stays in situ on the branchline and virtually eliminates bycatch. There’s no need for lead weights, tori lines or setting at night. Hookpod does the job alone. Approved by the Western Central Pacific Fisheries Commission and the New Zealand government as a new hook-shielding device, there are two models, one incorporating a LED. This saves money compared to light sticks and prevents plastic waste. Feedback from the industry has been positive. “These Hookpods are great and are working well for us. It has taken away the dangers of lead weights. On a few occasions the Hookpods out-fished our regular gear! Not one single bird has been caught on the pods and yes, we have caught the odd bird on our regular gear! Shooting and hauling is no different.

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