The Icelandic Fisheries Conference 2017, ‘Fish Waste for Profit’, will feature a presentation from Feel Iceland, a unique cosmetics company producing collagen rich beauty products using fish processing by-products.

The plethora of beauty products available on the market today boast their abilities to make us look younger and feel better. Unsurprisingly Forbes magazine has estimated the beauty industry to be worth some $445 billion, making it a ‘gold mine’ for self-made women.

In the fisheries industry, gender disparity has become widely accepted as something that needs to change and many local governments are creating inclusive schemes to encourage women to enter the industry and close the gender gap. Perhaps the beauty industry holds the key to success for women in fisheries?

Co-Founder & CEO of Feel Iceland, Hronn Margret Magnusdottir, states her mission as ‘creating more value of our healthy precious fish, something that would make people feel better’. Hronn was amazed by how much of fish by-products are thrown away and said that after intensive research, ‘it became clear that we were throwing away gold’.

Hronn’s observations coupled with her team’s understanding of the female driven beauty industry have resulted in the creation of a successful range of topical and oral marine collagen products that cater to individuals seeking that illusive fix that really does ‘work together from the inside out and outside in for optimal results’.

Hronn will be taking part in session two of the conference, Niche Products, along with Atlantic Leather. Click here to view the full programme.

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