New Cleopatra 33 for a hunting of lobster delivered to Fraserburgh,

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A new Cleopatra boat was delivered to Fraserburgh on the north eastern coast of Scotland.

The operator is Gary Noble's shipowner from Fraserburgh.

The new boat has been named Golden Dawn. The boat is 10 gross tonnage. Golden Dawn is of Cleopatra type 33.

The main engine of the boat is of type FPT C90 connected to ZF 286IV gear.

Navigation equipment comes from Simrad / Furuno. The boat has an installed Olex navigation control computer.

It is also equipped with a hydraulic propeller connected to the boat's autopilot.

The boat is equipped for hunting the lobster and bag crab. The boat is expected to pull 1000 gallons per day.

Part of the year, the boat will be fishing for mackerel with handrails. Handle rolls come from DNG.

In the boat's fishing voyage there is an automatic seawatering system to keep the lobster alive on board. With this arrangement, much more value is obtained.

The safety device of the boat is from Viking.

Space for 12pcs 380 litres run on train. In the accommodation there is a bunk bed, plus cooking facilities with a stove, microwave and fridge.

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