Leading specialist in design and manufacturing of gearboxes and propellers invests

Norway- based Finnøy Gear & Propeller have recently invested in a new high- performance CNC lathe machine in order to increase production capability and flexibility when it comes to customization of products. With 15 meters turning length and 1.300mm swing over bed, this machine is one of the longest lathes in Norway.

The new Gurutzpe GLX 13.10.15 is manufactured by Gurutzpe, the European leader in the manufacture of multi- function lathes and turning engineering. This newest addition to Finnøy’s machine park is “designed and built to meet the most demanding machining needs, standing out for their robustness, precision and reliability”, according to Gurutzpe.

The lathe is highly versatile thanks to a quick change system – Gurutzpe’s FAMOC technology – meaning it can switch between different machining units in just minutes. The lathe has a 4- position turning turret, a powerful milling column with Y-axis for both axial and radial machining and a boring bar support for large boring bars. CNC-controlled steady rests give additional support for work pieces and can be automatically moved out of the working area over M-functions. As a result, improved finishes of long pieces are achieved in a shorter amount of time, since start-up times are drastically reduced.

Gurutzpe GLX models combine inverted “V” guide technology in a single machine with the traditional sliding configuration. The machine has 4+1 guides in two separate areas, one for the tool carriage and another for the tailstock center and steady rests. Thus, the machine is capable of machining a piece in a single set up, allowing the tool to cross the steady rest without pausing. All of this results in a considerable saving in setup and cycle times.

Mr. Jan Olof Karlsson, foreman of production, said: “In order to expand our capacity and to meet future customer requirements, we wish to invest in optimal manufacturing solutions. This lathe was successfully installed the fall of 2018 and is now fully operational – marking a significant step forward in correspondence with the company’s continuous development program in propeller systems and our intention to be a market leader in this field.

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