Introducing the 662 heavy duty wet weather gear flotation bib and pants from Stormline

Good quality wet weather gear is essential when your job involves exposure to the elements, but if you’re working in or around water - especially if you work alone - you need to take a proactive approach to safety that balances the practical demands of working at sea with comfort, durability and safety.

Stormline, makers of high quality wet weather gear for more than 50 years, have recently released the 662 heavy duty flotation bib and pants, which fits the ‘safety plus comfort’ brief.

Safety first

Working around water provides something of a quandry. You need to protect yourself from spray and the elements, which means donning some robust and resilient wet weather gear. But should you have an accident, such as slipping or tripping, and end up in the water, that very gear that protected you on land could become a hazard when you’re in the water.

Flotation gear solves the problem. It functions just like normal wet weather gear on dry land; offering peerless protection in a lightweight garment, with all the functionality you need to get your job done, but it provides buoyancy and will help you stay afloat more easily. It can’t replace a life jacket, but is a very sensible extra safety measure.

You float because the 662 flotation gear has lightweight inherently buoyant foam pockets strategically positioned around the knees, front and back.

The 662 flotation bib doesn’t perform in the same way as a life jacket. It won’t keep the head of an unconscious person out of the water and won’t turn them over from their front to their back, but it will provide additional buoyancy in an emergency situation.

Not only will you float, meaning you won’t use up valuable energy treading water or swimming, the back of the 662 flotation pants are neon improving visibility in darkness and enabling you to be seen more easily.

Comfort a close second

As important as safety is, studies have shown that take-up and adoption of safety gear in a range of environments, such as construction and even cycling, is often reduced if a garment is too uncomfortable. In other words, flotation gear is zero use to anyone if it’s so uncomfortable that people don’t bother wearing it.

“That’s why we’ve invested in a design that’s not only easy-to-wear, it lets you work unimpeded, as if you were wearing normal oilskins or wet weather gear.” says Regan McMillan, director of Stormline.

Incorporating closed-cell foam technology in key areas, this combo is light enough to keep you mobile and comfortable for extended periods of work. In terms of protection against the elements, it does the job as well as any non-flotation gear. With a triple PVC layer over the knees and double layer PVC front, the 662 provides some of the best protection on the market against the rigours of marine work..

EN ISO 12402-5 Certification

This product is EN ISO 12402-5 certified and approved by Maritime New Zealand as a Type 403 and 405 inherently buoyant flotation device. This means that it meets a strict set of safety standards and can be relied upon to provide buoyancy in water.

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