Twin-rigger joins Fraserburgh prawn fleet

Twin-rigger joins Fraserburgh prawn fleet Uberous has been delivered by Parkol Marine Engineering. Photo: Dave Moore

Ian Duthie brought the new Parkol-built Uberous FR-50 home to Fraserburgh following fishing trials carried out off Whitby, reports Dave Moore.

The fully shelterdecked Uberous was built for Ian Duthie in partnership with his father Charles Duthie and Uberous LLP by Parkol Marine Engineering, and is the fourth new fishing vessel completed by the yard in 2018.  Uberous replaces its thirteen-year-old predecessor of the same name, which I snow fishing as Zephyr BF-601 for Gardenstown owners.

The new trawler is expected to work six to seven day trips on North Sea grounds before landing into Fraserburgh, where the vessel’s catches of prawns are processed by the Scottish Fishermen’s Organisation.

Uberous performed well on trials and gave an encouraging initial indication of her capabilities when we start fishing in considerably deeper water and poorer weather on our usual grounds. This will be the real test, and one I’m confident we will meet head on in the next few months, when winter gales will probably provide opportunities for the boat to prove seakeeping and fishing credentials,” Ian Duthie said.

“At this stage I’m delighted with the level of build quality and finish. A lot of people/companies have contributed to the end result, so sincere thanks to everyone for ensuring that Uberous is completed ahead of the date promised when the order was placed two years ago. The Parkol team deserve particular credit for ensuring a very smooth build programme, during which they were extremely amenable to suggestions.”

Designed by Ian Paton of SC McAllister & Co, Uberous has a 23.95 metre overall length with a beam of 7.80 metres and a moulded depth of 4.25 metres. During the design process particular attention was paid the bow and underwater stern sections in combining maximum deck space forward, load carrying and vessel trim throughout a trip with propulsion efficiency and seakeeping qualities. The result is a full bulbous bow with a concave raked stem and strongly flared bow section to ensure that the vessel’s beam is carried well forward, while the aft lines sweep up to the transom.

Deri Jones Associates generated the cutting information, with the steel plates cut in Holland and delivered to Parkol in Whitby.

Uberous has a largely conventional layout, with the watertight deckshelter constructed in steel from the deckhouse aft to the transom, and forward in aluminium alloy.  A galley and mess area are arranged on the starboard side and there accommodation is laid out with a single skipper’s cabin, a two-berth cabin and two three-berth cabins.

The three-drum winch is located in a separate winch room forward on the main deck and this is part of the comprehensive package of deck equipment supplied by EK Marine. The trawl winch has a 35-tonne core pull and is fitted with two-speed drive motors for faster hauling and shooting. Each winch drum is spooled with 250 fathoms of 22mm diameter fibre core wire plus 50 fathoms of backing wire. Warps lead to hooded rollers and across the shelterdeck aft to the blocks on the trawl gantry aft, while the centre wire runs under the wheelhouse floor before being led to a roller built into the trawl gantry directly above the track for the roller.

Two sets of two 12-tonne split net drums are arranged side by side in line with the transom shooting and hauling hatches, the lower edges of which are fitted with large diameter free turning rollers.

A 1.5t/7.8m kinked boom crane fitted with a Thistle 24 inch powerblock is centrally fitted on top of the trawl gantry. Two general purpose 3-tonne Rotzler gear handing winches are fitted on either side of the crane. Codends are taken aboard forward on the starboard side using a 7.50-tonne gilson winch, with catches dropped into the reception hopper via the  hydraulically operated hatch.

Catches are sorted and gutted off the sorting table fed by a conveyor from the hopper. There are twin prawn/whitefish washers, along with a rectangular prawn dip tank. Sorted and washed catches are dropped into the fishroom in baskets, and are weighed using a set of electronic Marelec W50/D41 motion compensated electronic scales, from which the data is transferred to the wheelhouse for subsequent reporting using an Ecatch logbook.

The fishroom has capacity for 450 stacker boxes in four tiers aft of the hatch, with an overall capacity for approximately 800 boxes. 500 boxes are usually taken onboard at the start of a trip. Up to five tonnes of flake ice can be stored in a full height locker on the port side, directly under a 2.50-tonne Geneglace flake ice machine housed in the dedicated refrigeration plant room on the main deck.

Premier Refrigeration fitted chilling to both the forward and aft bulkheads, as well as the deck head, with copper chilling pipes fitted to the vertical bulkheads protected by stainless steel sheeting. Stainless steel 22mm diameter piping is mounted on the deckhead. Automatically controlled from the wheelhouse and set to the required temperature by a digital thermostat, the cooling plant comprises a Bock compressor, Azcue water pump driven by a 3-phase electric motor and a Blitzer seawater condenser.

Uberous is powered by a 494kW Caterpillar C32 ACERT main engine driving a 2500mm diameter four-bladed fixed pitch Wärtsilä propeller turning in a matching Wärtsilä fixed nozzle through a Masson Marine 9.077:1 reduction gearbox. A 213kWCummins QSL9 auxiliary engine mounted on the port tank top powers the deck machinery hydraulics through a JBJ clutched splitter box driving two Kawasaki load sensing 115kW pumps.

An electrically-driven 35kW power pack is used to drive a load sensing hydraulic towing pump as well as provide back-up hydraulic power. This arrangement also enables the deck machinery to be operated in harbour when the crew are either mending or taking on gear while routine maintenance work is carried out on the main engine.

Installation of the hydraulic system was completed in-house by Parkol Marine Engineering with stainless steel being used throughout.

Electrical power is provided by two 105kW Mitsubishi 6D16T auxiliary engines supplied by Padmos, the auxiliaries, which will be run alternately, driving 100ekW 125kVA Newage Stamford 415/3/50 generators.

Low-lift trawl gear

Faithlie Trawls supplied letterbox-style 200-foot low-flyer nets rigged on 6- and 8-inch discs. Standing less than three feet high, this design was developed specifically to minimise unwanted by-catches of whitefish.

Having been one of the last skippers to take delivery of a set of new twin rig prawn scraper trawls from Fidelis Nets before Stuart Buchan’s retirement, this set of unused nets were made into 180-foot discer nets by Faithlie Trawl by being rehung on new ground gear made of larger 8- and 10-inch discs. Faithlie Trawls are also supplying Uberous with a pair of 200 foot prawn scraper trawls on 6- and 8-inch discs. 50 fathoms of 32mm diameter four strand combination warp and 10 fathoms of 20mm diameter wire rubber legs connect the twin rig gear to an 1000kg roller clump made by Macduff Shipyards and a 600kg set of Thyborøn Type 11 72-inch trawl doors.

Ian Duthie chose a Scanmar twin rig double distance monitoring system to keep track of both gear spread and fuel economy. Information supplied by three Scanmar SS4 sensors operating via the ScanMate bridge system provide numerical and graphical updates of the middle clump’s position in relation to the trawl doors.


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