Wärtsilä introduces new fishing concept

Wärtsilä’s Gentle Fish Handling Concept Wärtsilä’s Gentle Fish Handling Concept
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At Nor-Fishing 2012, Wärtsilä will present a new design concept that it says may represent the future of combined pursers and trawlers.

The most important innovation is a gentle handling system, whereby the catch is transported from the seine into the tanks using cooled sea water without the use of a fish pump.

Based on Wärtsilä Ship Design’s more than 40 years of experience, and in close co-operation with Wärtsilä’s industrial design department, a new vessel concept for combined pursers and trawlers has been developed - the new ‘Gentle Fish Handling Concept’ solution.

“One of the primary objectives of the development work has been to improve the standard system for handling the fish taken onboard from the seine. In our new concept we have suggested that the vessel be equipped with a device that transports the fish down to cooled salt water tanks without using a fish pump. This enables the fish to be handled more gently than with any other system we have previously seen on fishing vessels, and it will contribute to securing the quality of the fish until it is delivered to the processing factory,” says Trygve Eiken, a ship design expert in the Project Development & Naval Architecture unit at Wärtsilä Norway.

The president of Wärtsilä Ship Design Norway, Ove Wilhelmsen, emphasises however that the new seine system is still at the conceptual stage. “There are still detailed studies and calculations to be carried out in order to verify the validity of the solution. Nevertheless, we believe that it is fully realisable. By presenting the new vessel concept now we wish to enter into dialogue with the fishing industry. We hope that potential customers, the trade, and the suppliers of fishing equipment will give us feedback as to whether our concept is the correct way to go in the development of the pursers/trawlers of the future."

Another important objective for the company when developing the Gentle Fish Handling Concept has been to improve the working environment for the crew. This has been accomplished by equipping the new vessel concept with a roofed over trawl bin located at the stern of the vessel, whereby the trawl will be taken in through a hatch in the roof. In addition to improving the working conditions and increasing safety, this also protects winches and other technical equipment from wind and weather. Another innovation in the concept is a separate floor over the bridge that can be used for recreational purposes, as an equipment room, or as an observation post should the vessel be used for research related tasks.

The Gentle Fish Handling Concept is based on an effective hull design that Wärtsilä has delivered to many customers around the world. The largest alteration to the hull is a new bow design. Together with the roofed trawl bin, this gives the vessel a distinct profile that is very different from traditional purser/trawlers.

Mr Wilhelmsen also adds that he is confident that the company will be ready with a dual-fuel solution for LNG operations whenever the fishing industry indicates that it too is ready to invest in gas fuelled operations.

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