Nautic lands six-ship Russian contract

Nautic The Nautic design for Norebo is for a series of highly versatile 81m by 16m factory trawlers, featuring the inverted EnduroBow

Icelandic naval architect Nautic, one of the Knarr Maritime group of companies that brings together design and engineering skills across a variety of specialised fields, has contracted to design a series of six innovative trawlers for Russian operator Norebo (formerly Ocean Trawlers) that are to be built at the Severnaya Verf (Northern Shipyard) in St Petersburg, part of Russia’s largest shipbuilding conglomerate United Shipbuilding Corporation.

The fleet of six trawlers for Norebo are designed to operate in northern waters and are being built for five companies within the Norebo group, Rybprominvest JSC, Karat-1 JSC, Alternativa JSC, Karelian Seafood JSC and Murmansk Region Fleet JSC. They will have the capacity to produce a range of high-quality seafood at sea, with factory decks to handle up to 21 tonnes of fillet production or 60 tonnes of H&N, in addition to which there will be on-board systems to produce fishmeal and liver for canning.

“We made a strategic decision to invest in the construction of modern and progressive fishing vessels of this design,” stated Vitaly Orlov, Director of Norebo Management LLC and owner of Norebo Group.

The EnduroBow, the inverted bow that has become the distinctive mark of vessels designed by Nautic and Skipatækni, is a key part of the design, and according to Nautic’s Alfreð Tulinius, the series of three Nautic trawlers for HB Grandi and four Skipatækni trawlers for Samherji and FISK Seafood have already had a baptism of fire as this winter’s storms have started to hit Icelandic waters, and the trawlers with this innovative bow design have done everything expected of them and more.

The six trawlers are designed with an overall length of 81 metres and a 16 metre beam, and the Severnaya Verf in St Petersburg will lay the keel of the first of the series early next year, with the fleet as a whole expected to be complete by 2023.

“For the Northern shipyard, this contract is important not only as a business project and the opportunity to make full use of our production facilities,” said Severnaya Verf general manager Igor Ponomarev.

“It is very important in terms of utilising our considerable experience to work on such an innovative project. We are proud to be involved in the construction of these six state-of-the-art trawlers for the Russian fleet. Now the key steps are work on the preparation of project documentation, the development of a detailed construction schedule, dovetailing with our current operations, and planning the logistics of supply.”

Vitaly Orlov commented that it is highly satisfactory for Norebo to be making its own contribution to the revival of shipbuilding in Russia.

“It is important for us that that vessels of such complex design and construction should be built by a Russian shipyard with more than a century of history. The new trawlers are designed to work under harsh conditions of the Arctic region and they will produce a variety of high-quality products,” he said.

“We have put a great deal of effort into preparing this project with Norebo Group in the last few months, as well as developing further projects in both north-western and Far Eastern regions of Russia,’ commented Nautic’s managing director Alfreð Tulinius.

“These are highly sophisticated fishing vessels designed to operate in the unforgiving conditions of the north Atlantic and will be capable of a level of production at sea that is entirely new. We are looking forward to working with Norebo’s team and Severnaya Verf as the project moves forward. The technical documentation will be adapted to Russian requirements and finalised by a Russian-based designing company,” he said.

For Nautic and the Knarr Maritime group, the contract with Norebo represents a breakthrough as it focused on presenting its designs and skills to the Russian market in particular. Knarr was established earlier this year, bringing together naval architects Nautic and Skipatækni, electronics supplier Brimrún, refrigeration specialist Kælismiðjan Frost, deck equipment manufacturer Naust Marine which is already well known as a supplier to the Russian fleet, and Skaginn3X which specialises in high-tech processing systems for both fishing vessels and shore-based factories.

“Maintaining price competitivity with the currently strong Icelandic króna can prove to be a hurdle,” Alfreð Tulinius admitted. “But there are not many companies in this business that will beat us in terms of innovative thinking.”



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