Winches for new Taiwanese ORV

IBERCISA is supplying oceanographic winches to TORI IBERCISA is supplying oceanographic winches to TORI
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The Taiwan Ocean Research Institute (TORI) is preparing the launch of the county’s largest research vessel, the new multi purpose Oceanographic Research Vessel (ORV), RESEARCH V.

The vessel is being constructed at the Jong Shyn Shipbuilding Group shipyard in Kaohsiung and will be launched in June and completed by 2012.

Jong Shyn is responsible for the delivery of the complete research vessel to TORI and the Taiwanese science community. TORI is one of the National Applied Reseach Laboratories (NARL) in Taiwan.

The deck equipment and oceanographic winches are being supplied by Spanish companies. IBERCISA is leading the project for the supply of the scientific winches, working together with Industrias FERRI, responsible for supplying two A-frames and Arm-Telescopic-Frame.

The oceanographic winches designed and manufactured by IBERCISA include one deep sea winch for a 8,500m Technora fibre cable that works in constant tension with a traction unit. The traction unit was designed to work with individually driven sheaves that are controlled by eight motors.

They are controlled automatically, changing the sheaves’ speed according to the enlargement produced during the cable loading. This fibre cable will work with the aft A-frame supplied by FERRI.

They are designed for a SWL of 15 tons for working conditions up to Beaufort 6, and with a working angle of 30º to aft and 60º to fore from vertical, and 9.5m height, which is able to work with three blocks.

The Arm-Telescopic-Frame from FERRI, with 15 ton working capacity and 6.5m displacement, will work with the CTD winch, with a 8,000m-Ø17mm capacity electromechanical cable from Rochester, which has a maximum speed of 100m/min and 16 ton pull.

A portable electrical oceanographic winch with a 3,500m capacity for EM cable of Ø8mm was able to work even with starboard A-frame or aft a-frame.

The oceanographic winches were supplied from IBERCISA’s factory with the cables already spooled with tension, in order to avoid any damage and for an easy vessel installation.

The total package includes windlasses, capstans, fairlead and the supply of the power packs to drive the A-frames, cranes and winches.

The 2,700 ton ORV, significantly larger than the 300 ton and 890 ton vessels now in service, has been designed and furnished with onboard equipment to carry out the long-term monitoring of the ocean around Taiwan throughout the year, and to support marine energy research and ocean exploration.

The operation of the ORV will contribute to Taiwan’s ocean exploration and research capabilities, and TORI is making considerable sustainability efforts in its ocean science and technology development.



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