Plymouth crab company upscales

Plymouth crab company upscales Nick Eggar, Manager of Plymouth Fisheries and Claire Tapper of The Cracking Crab Company

Plymouth seafood business The Cracking Crab Company has moved into new premises at Plymouth Fisheries, the second largest fresh fish market in England, after growing demand led to an expansion of the business.

The family-run company, which supplies local, hand-picked crabmeat, was started two years ago by husband and wife Brian and Claire Tapper. The pair run the business with the help of their daughter Danielle and son BeeJay.

The Cracking Crab Company’s previous premises was located at Commercial Wharf in Plymouth but in a bid to keep up with increased demand, Brian and Claire decided to upscale their business by moving into a newly fitted unit at Plymouth Fisheries in Sutton Harbour.

The pair felt the move was a natural progression for the business. After outgrowing their smaller unit, they believe the new base could help maintain and improve their high-quality service.

Brian is a fifth generation fisherman, with his son following in his footsteps. Family tradition led to the set-up of the business, with Brian and Beejay catching the crab which they then prepare for sale to the public.

“Providing high-quality crabmeat is at the heart of the business. We don’t add anything or take anything away - the crabs are all hand-picked by us to provide the best quality possible. Our crabmeat has a shelf life of five days, whereas other companies process crabmeat and add things to extend its shelf life. This ultimately changes the texture and appearance of the crab,” Claire Tapper said.

“The move to our new unit at Plymouth Fisheries means we can continue to provide the quality crabmeat our customers expect and grow our service, with a bigger facility, great location and being surrounded by the wonderful fishing community here in Plymouth. We are looking forward to the future, with the potential to hire new staff to keep up with growing demand.”

Plymouth Fisheries is the second largest fish market in England and has transformed the local fishing industry since the complex opened in 1995 from custom-designed premises on the eastern side of Sutton Harbour.

Merchant units are located at the entrance to Plymouth Fisheries to offer fishing industry businesses a prime position alongside the main fisheries complex, where the daily catch is landed and from which a daily auction is operated by Plymouth Trawler Agents.

Units are available for lease within a fenced estate and offer flexible office space designed to suit businesses operating in the marine or fishing industry.

“It’s great to see a local seafood business growing and becoming so successful,” commented Nick Eggar, Manager of Plymouth Fisheries.

“We are delighted to have The Cracking Crab Company move into one of our merchant units at Plymouth Fisheries, based alongside some highly successful local fish merchants such as Rex Down, Moby Nicks and RG Seafoods, all of which are renowned for providing a wide selection of freshly caught fish and seafood.”


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