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For over 25 years since first introducing slurry ice technology to the seafood industry, Sunwell Technologies Inc. has worked with fishermen and companies in the seafood processing industry to achieve higher yields and fresher product using Deepchill™ Variable-State Ice equipment.

Sunwell’s Marketing Manager, Gabriel Lopez says Sunwell registered the world’s first slurry ice patent application in the USA in 1976. According to Lopez, the heart of the system is Deepchill™ Variable-State Ice, which consists of millions of free-flowing spherical ice crystals which completely coat the seafood, providing a constant uniform temperature, moisture control and slowing bacterial growth by over 50%.

Sunwell has completed several successful new installations in the last year. These include a system delivered to The Plitt Company, a seafood house in Chicago and the American Midwest’s shellfish leader. The system automatically delivers the ideal form of Deepchill™ to five different icing locations throughout Plitt’s facility, for temporary storage during processing, aging the fish and packing the fish and fillets.

A second successful installation was at Prince Edward Aqua Farms Inc., of Canada. Deepchill™ slurry with an ice fraction of 50 to 60% is used to pack cultured mussels, and ship them fresh to markets across North America.

For the onboard market, Sunwell introduced the world’s first onboard low-salinity slurry system, producing slurry with approximately 2 to 3% salt content. The first of these systems was installed aboard the fishing research vessel “Hokusho Maru” of Japan, in September.

This unique system combines the two functions of seawater desalination and Deepchill™ slurry generation, enabling clients to provide lower-salinity Deepchill™ slurry that will not damage salt-sensitive fish. Lopez says this system is also unique in that it uses seawater for the low-salinity slurry generation and does not require the use of fresh water.

Sunwell is now introducing new lines of seawater and freshwater chillers. Like its current line of Deepchill™ Generators, the chillers are a modular design in five tonnes of refrigeration (18kW) increments and can be easily expanded.

The chillers can be used in conjunction with the Deepchill™ System or independently, both for onshore and onboard applications.

One key feature of the seawater model is that it can operate online, with a very low chill water flow rate, and does not require recirculation and chilled water storage.

Sunwell will be exhibiting an operational Deepchill™ Variable-State Ice System as well as a new Fresh-water Chiller at Seafood Processing Europe.



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