Baader adds to processing range

Baader adds to processing range A pair of haddock fillets emerge from a Baader 588 filleting machine

Baader has released a number of new additions to its range of fish processing equipment, including the new Baader 75 hand-held pinbone remover, the Baader 240 skinning machine optimised for fresh or smoked salmon that can handle up to 50 fillets per minute in its twin-lane configuration, and the Baader 588 filleting machine for fresh or defrosted whitefish.

Baader has paid a great deal of attention to hygiene concerns with its new equipment as the Baader 75 pinbone remover can be dismantled for cleaning while the Baader 240 is designed so that pre-cleaning dismantling can be carried out without tools.

The Baader 588 filleting machine is designed for handling whitefish and is fitted with only circular knives to aid gentle processing. It can handle up to 36 fish per minute, depending on the species being processed and there is stepless speed adjustment

“The fillet quality is extraordinary,” Baader spokesman said. “Even on soft fish such as haddock or hake we see an excellent smoth surface with no gaping or bloodspots. This is because there is so little stress on the fillet as there are no stickle of scraper knives used, and rotating flank knives are used instead.”

The company has relaunched its established Baader 135 trout deboning machine as the new Baader 136.Its process provides a trout that is appears to be complete, with head and tail in place, but with the bones removed.

“It cuts the main and rib bones as well as to a great extent the gills, providing the highest yield possible. The result is a boneless trout, connected at the back, with head and tail which can be used as fresh product, ready for preparation or for freezing, for convenience food, or for smoking. The Baader 136 can process gutted or ungutted trout with a speed of up to 50 fish  per minute,” the company’s spokesman said.

It has been re-engineered for improved hygiene, with main parts that can be opened or lifted for cleaning and accessibility has been improved with pivoting motor covers or options to remove fish chutes and nozzles for changing knives, while a quick tightening device for dismantling the transport belt ensures easier cleaning and maintenance.



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