50 years of continuous innovation

50 years of continuous innovation Cabinplant co-owners CEO Ralf Astrup and CFO Jan Helskov Hansen. Photo: Cabinplant

Cabinplant has been contributing to the international food industry for five decades and on 1st June celebrates its 50th anniversary. It was established in Haarby in Denmark in 1969, and still has its headquarters there.

Ground-breaking solutions for blanching vegetables, robot solutions for the fishing industry and advanced weighing and packing systems for the meat industry are among the installations that Cabinplant has supplied around the world.

Today Cabinplant has grown into one of the world's leading suppliers within processing lines and weighing/packing systems for the food industry, with more than 5000 installations worldwide. The company employs 300 people, and has production facilities in Denmark and Poland, its own sales companies in Germany, Spain and the United States, and agents in more than 40 countries.

Two enterprising entrepreneurs, Vagn Hansen and Hans Clausen, founded Cabinplant in June 1969, and the name comes from a short-lived flirtation with the production of spray booths. A breakthrough came with the development of equipment for the fishing industry, including processing equipment for the world's largest mackerel factory. Since then, further innovations have included the famous blanching equipment, which still sets the standard for processing vegetables.

Packing and weighing

In the 1990s, Cabinplant invested considerable resources in the development of automatic packaging and weighing systems. This has resulted in the fact that today they are among the world leaders in precise weighing of fish, chicken and meat products, and packing using almost every type of packaging for retail sales.

“We have always been sustained by a dream of developing solutions that can provide better food on a sustainable basis,” said CEO Ralf Astrup,

Today, Cabinplant is managed by CEO Ralf Astrup and CFO Jan Helskov Hansen. They took over ownership and control from the two founders, Hans Clausen and Vagn Hansen, as part of a generational change in 2006.

Since 2016, Cabinplant has been 80% owned by CTB Inc, a Warren Buffett company, while the management owns the rest. The new and expanded ownership has contributed to strengthening Cabinplant's international presence and manoeuvrability. This is thanks to new collaboration opportunities, also with the Dutch Meyn Group, which comes under the same group umbrella.

Another crucial partnership is the global cooperation with the German company Multivac, the world's largest within packing equipment for the food industry.

Celebrating the anniversary with a new building

The company celebrating its 50th anniversary is in top form. In the spring, Cabinplant saw the first spadeful of earth turned to start a 50% expansion of the production facilities in Denmark. With an ambitious strategic plan, the company has launched plans for new markets, including the establishment of a subsidiary in the USA to boost the North and South American markets.

“There will be more and more mouths to feed, and although there is actually plenty of food, it is not being utilised effectively enough. We are able and will help to solve this, because we have the technology and facilities to utilise raw materials and preserve food in a far better way,” Ralf Astrup said.


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