New app simplifies trawl monitoring configuration

The PX InSight sensor selecting tool generates a 3D image of the trawl The PX InSight sensor selecting tool generates a 3D image of the trawl

A new Windows® app has been designed to support distributors, dealers and end-users in creating a cost-effective Simrad PX MultiSensor package that delivers optimal performance for single or double trawls.

The free PX InSight sensor selecting tool, developed by Kongsberg Maritime, generates a 3D image of the trawl with recommended sensors and positions based on the information and measurements the user requires from the trawl monitoring system.

PX InSight simplifies the complex process of configuring a PX MultiSensor network on single and double trawls. Because PX MultiSensors can make several measurements simultaneously, the assistance provided by PX InSight helps to ensure the correct number of sensors are ordered, and that they are positioned correctly on the trawl, to ensure the desired data can be made available.

PX InSight works by creating the most effective configuration of PX MultiSensor according to the size of the trawl and the information (measurements) the crew needs to ensure optimal catch performance. It features an intuitive user interface that requires only minimal information to generate a complete 3D diagram of a single or double trawl, which can then be exported to BMP or PDF formats in addition to providing a list of required sensors, with order numbers, in Microsoft® Excel format.

The detailed diagrams produced by PX Insight provide a wealth of information including optimal locations for each sensor. The system also provides a clear overview of the direction the sensor is pointing, in addition to the orientation of each sensor in context of communicating with the system as a whole.

Simrad PX MultiSensors are multifunction sensors for use with Simrad PI catch monitoring systems. They provide a combination of two readings from Pitch, Roll, Spread, Height, Depth or Geometry, all of which are user programmable. The sensors are available in two different types, Down & Side (DS) and Down & Front (DF) and with different readings available, PX InSight significantly reduces the complexity of optimal configuration of the trawl monitoring system.

“We developed the PX InSight app to take the mystery out of choosing the right combination of PX sensors and to enable them to be configured and used in a smart way,” said Mads Dahl, director of sales and marketing, Kongsberg Maritime Fishery/Simrad. “Considering the multifunction aspect of the PX MultiSensor range, achieving an optimal configuration can take time, but if PX InSight is used, you can easily build-up the most effective sensor package to meet any specific trawl monitoring requirements.”

The app can be downloaded from the Simrad website.



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