SNG: Trawling for success

SNG: Trawling for success A model of one of SNG’s pelagic trawls under test conditions in a flume tank

The Killybegs-based fishing gear designer and manufacturer Swan Net-Gundry Ltd continues to live up to its reputation, designing and manufacturing a full range of pelagic gear. With its constant investment in R&D and employing the latest technology into their trawls, the company continues to be one of the leading trawl makers in Europe and in the international fishing sector.

SNG’s pelagic trawl range includes the traditional designed right and left lay twisted twine front-end trawl, the always-reliable Hex trawl and the successful self-spreading trawls.

At this time of year however, as the mackerel fisheries draw to a close, the focus turns to herring and blue whiting fisheries and, in these sectors, SNG’s trawl designs enjoys great popularity amongst the leading pelagic operators of all sizes of vessel.

SNG’s trawls range offers a choice in construction material to suit customer preference. As well as the inclusion of SNG’s eight-panel bellies which are becoming more and more popular since this was introduced some years ago, the company’s recommended design and production of herring trawls comes in Helix – PEPA - L&R - Nylex Braid ​and standard right lay twine.

Frame ropes range from SNG’s well-known Kraftex rope which is the leading preference for pelagic skippers as it is very stable, ultra-strong, and resulting in a lower diameter rope. In this area, SNG have recently developed a new Prima-PE-Dyneema mix footrope. which has already proven itself on some field tests, designed to be more resistant to the abrasiveness of the seabed when any contact occurs. \

Top blue whiting catches

Swan Net Gundry report that they are delighted to already see vast catch rates for the 2018 blue whiting season, thanks to their new range of trawl designs and brailers.

“R&D is a fundamental part of our ethos here at Swan Net Gundry,” explained SNG’s Design Manager, Cathal Boyle.

“With this in mind, and following considerable work from our designers and constant communication with our customers, we launched a new range of trawl designs and brailers ahead of last year’s blue whiting season. As a result, our customers have seen exceptional results and success with their SNG trawls and much of this success can be placed on the unique design layout of our gear,” he said.

For their blue whiting trawls, SNG manufacture using three well-known material options in the front end; PE/PA, Pelix, which is is similar to PE/PA but is specifically used for pelagic pair trawlers fishing blue whiting and designed with stretch in its material so it can cope with the extra stress and strain of a pair team, but it is still finished with an outer cover in polyethylene for ease of shooting and hauling, plus Helix self-spreading twine which is hydrodynamic and has become the most popular rope, bringing cutting-edge technology to SNG’s blue whiting trawls. .

“In just one example of the many pelagic vessels using SNG’s blue whiting gear, the catch records from the Scottish vessel Antares LK-419 are a testament to our new product range,” Cathal Boyle commented, adding that the boat fished with SNG’s 2355m net, with a horizontal opening of 247m and vertical opening of 155m, resulting in a very impressive tunnel opening in the backend.

“Calculating where the optimum tunnel sensor placement was, achieved 31% mesh openings which is a direct result of our new eight-panel design and our ongoing R&D into water flow in the backend.”

Building on their blue whiting trawl success from the 2017/18 season, Swan Net Gundry have recently launched their new blue whiting brailer – an advanced redesign of the original product to give even better results.

Made from high quality nylon, SNG’s blue whiting brailer incorporates a host of new features including a four-panel design for improved shape and added strength, heavier and stronger restricting ropes, and an upgraded tying system with that can take larger hauls, up to 750 tonnes, in one tow with ease.

“A choice for many of the leading pelagic operators, our trawl designs are the result of extensive R&D, built up over many years and the feedback that we have received from our customers after the 2017 season and into this year has been outstanding,” said Cathal Boyle.

“Everything we do is based on feedback from the customers and that advances new requirements and ideas for the trawls. We design trawls to our customers’ requirements, but we explain all of our new R&D ideas which normally gets the customer interested and, as all of SNG designs are drawn to scale, this is a very useful exercise when demonstrating and comparing one trawl against another for the customers viewing on screen,” he concluded.



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