Naust Marine sets up in Spain

Naust Marine sets up in Spain Installation in progress of a new Naust Marine trawl winch

According to the company’s sales and marketing director Helgi Kristjánsson, until they parted company a few years ago, Naust Marine had a long co-operation with a Spanish company sub-contracted to produce the deck hardware while Naust Marine in Iceland supplied the control and electrical systems.

As Naust Marine had ambitions to produce deck machinery compete packages, instead of seeking another manufacturing partner, the decision was taken to sub-contract work in some regions while also producing itself by establishing Naust Marine Serbia.

Now Naust Marine has established a new branch in Vigo, with Naust Marine Spain staffed by a group of engineers with an extensive background in deck machinery, and with locally-based fabricator Thune Eureka.

“This is a big steel fabrication specialist able to produce and test, and we have reserved production capacity with them, plus we can also produce in Serbia as well – but in logistic terms, having production in Galicia is a big advantage,” Helgi Kristjánsson said.

According to Ramón Carreira who heads  Naust Spain, the Vigo team brings an innovative design team to the partnership, with experience of both electric and hydraulic winch systems for both fishing and other markets, as well as its proximity to Thune Eureka’s manufacturing capacity.

“We choose Thune Eureka because they have experience building this kind of winch equipment, they are fully certificated, and will guarantee us a minimum of 25,000 hours per year, with priority on the production line. Having this as part of our structure without the fixed costs of production means that we can approach the market with competitive prices,” he said.

“The capacity we have in electrical and mechanical engineering at Naust Marine Spain is outstanding,” Helgi Kristjánsson said, commenting that Naust Marine is in some ways back where it had been, with electronics and control systems designed and produced in Iceland, and with winch design and production in Spain

“Now that we can bring so much more of the process in-house, we expect to be able to offer lower prices than we could only three or four years ago,” he said, commenting that the market for deck machinery for fishing vessels has been in turmoil in recent years.

“There are companies that traditionally concentrated on the oil sector in the past, but as that business experienced difficulties, those companies turned increasingly to the fishing market, making it highly competitive,” Helgi Kristjánsson said.

“So now we are also more competitive, and in a strong position to compete, including in the growing Russian market for deck equipment.”

He commented that Naust Marine is a well-known name in Russia, primarily for its ATW power management systems that improve energy efficiency and which have been installed on larger fishing vessels around the world over the last couple of decades, including a number of Russian trawlers.

Naust Spain has already been busy in its first few months and Ramón Carreira is optimistic.

“We are bringing together the expertise, experience, knowledge and traditions of Spain and Iceland, and we believe that both can benefit from this,” he said.

“We want to do things in new ways, looking into different designs that will bring the customer additional value,’ he said.

‘For these first few months we have been working on new and innovative designs for trawl winches and auxiliaries that incorporate developments, plus we are bringing to this new products on the control side such as Naust Marine Smart View and Smart Trawling. These are both products that we will be introducing to the market in the near future.”



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