Mustad Autoline breaks new ground with electric autoline

Mustad Autoline breaks new ground with electric autoline Mustad Autoline technical manager Lasse Rindahl is confident of the future of electrical Autoline equipment

Today Autoline deck equipment is powered by hydraulics, which in turn derive their power from a catching vessel’s diesel engines. Mustad Autoline is now working on the development process to run the main equipment with electricity.

According to Mustad Autoline’s technical manager Lasse Rindahl, electrical systems don’t have the oil leaks problems that can often affect hydraulic systems, they are environmental friendly and machinery in a more energy-efficient way.

“In addition, using electricity provides increased control capabilities, improved monitoring capabilities, more data for decision support and detecting errors,‘ Lasse Rindahl said.

The company, where around one employee in five holds a higher degree in technical engineering, is devoting considerable internal resources on research and development each year. Mustad Autoline has been granted a commitment of NoK10.90 million from the Research Council of Norway towards the development of the electric Autoline equipment project in particular.

“This is a solid contribution to realise the project and extends the possibility of using external test facilities as well as expertise to find the best possible solutions,” Lasse Rindahl said.

Mustad Autoline manufactures its systems at their premises in Gjøvik in Norway, working on its principle of keeping production close to R&D and sales.

‘Keeping production in Norway ensures a highly skilled workforce and facilitates close communication as well as mutual understanding to secure quality in each step. During a R&D process it’s important with collaboration to come up with the best solution and avoid misunderstandings when producing prototypes and product improvements,” he said.

Not far from the production facilities at Gjøvik, Mustad Autoline has access to the NCE cluster, a National Competence Centre with 17 company partners that count about 5000 staff, and the joint R&D company SINTEF, a technology and development hub for the industry. SINTEF is heavily involved with the new Mustad Autoline project.

Mustad Autoline ploughs more than 15% of its turnover back into R&D every year.

“In addition to heavy industry partners we always work closely with customers and end users to find the optimal solutions. This is why we are defining the future of longlining,” Lasse Rindahl said.



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