Ideal selectivity combination

Ideal selectivity combination The combination of T90 mesh and Hampiðjan’s Quicklines has been a successful one for both pelagic and demersal trawlers

Experience of a T90 mackerel codend rigged on DynIce Quicklines has been excellent on both mackerel and herring, according to one of Síldarvinnslan’s pelagic skippers.

“We see that the fish pass down into the gear into the codend and are alive longer there than in other codend types, and that has to be a benefit in terms of better and fresher raw material,” said Hálfdán Hálfdánarson, who skippers pelagic vessel Börkur opposite Hjörvar Hjálmarsson.

Both skippers have both been involved in the development of T90 codends rigged on Quicklines, along with staff from operating company Síldarvinnslan and specialist staff from Fjarðanet in Akureyri, which is a division of Hampiðjan Ísland ehf.

The T90 codend rigged on DynIce Quicklines was first introduced in 2016 and was tried out that summer on board Beitir. This was an experimental development project between Fjarðanet and Síldarvinnslan, and a number of changes and adjustments were made following the end of the mackerel season that autumn. The decision was taken to continue the development on board Börkur the following year. The result has been that the skippers have been satisfied with the experience with this gear. Subsea filming of the codend while fishing on mackerel highlighted several new and interesting aspects that made the necessary adjustments easier.

Quicklines are a development by Hampiðjan, introducing a high-strength DynIce rope manufactured with loops at precisely set intervals. Instead of rigging a codend in the usual way, with heavy selvedges laced together and rigged to belly lines, each Quickline loop is threaded through the mesh, and then secured through the next loop. This makes rigging a very fast process, and also allows for adjustment if the hanging ratio needs to be altered.

Among the advantages of the T90 codend are that the meshes remain well open. According to Hálfdán Hálfdánarson, this means that there is a good flow through and the fish pass faster back to the codend. This leaves a clear way out for small fish to make their way out of the trawl.

“The flow through the codend is very good and it pumps out well. The main difference that we see is that the fish live longer in this codend, and although it hasn’t been confirmed by production ashore, this has to bring dividends in fresher raw material and better quality,” Hálfdán Hálfdánarson said.

The same system of T90 codends with Quickline frame lines is also used on board Westman Islands pelagic vessel Sigurður for both mackerel and herring. Beitir also has aT90 codend, without the Quicklines, according to Tómas Kárason who skippers Beitir opposite Sturla Thórðarson. He said that they have the same experience with this as Börkur’s skippers, and it is noticeable how efficiently the codend filters water through as the meshes are kept open all the time.

The same approach of rigging T90 codends on Quicklines has also been effective on demersal trawlers, with the rigging arrangement allowing meshes to open effectively to let undersized fish escape easily from the trawl.


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