Full trawl door control is here

Full trawl door control is here The prototype 14 square metre Poseidon trawl doors being shot away on board Polar Amaroq
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The first full-scale trials with a pair of controllable Poseidon doors developed by Icelandic company Polar Trawl Doors has shown that the concept works and that adjustment of doors during a tow is here.

It has been a long process for Atli Jósafatsson to develop the Poseidon doors, overcoming a number of setbacks on the way, and culminating in full-scale trials with the doors on a trip with Greenlandic pelagic vessel Polar Amaroq fishing blue whiting at the beginning of the year.

The Poseidon doors with with a row of wings in the upper and lower section of each door, which can be angled to open or close the gaps between them, with each section controlled independently, providing the capacity to generate downwards or upwards forces to drop or lift the doors as required.

“Each wing can be controlled independently, so that makes it possible to control the trawl’s position in the water, vertically and horizontally. So closing up the upper wings to reduce the flow through the top section increases the pressure on the lower section, which lifts the door,” Atli Jósafatsson explained

Communication between the doors and the wheelhouse is via an acoustic link, and developing this was the final piece of the package as the controllable wings had already been shown to function as required in previous trials, including a trials with a smaller pair of Poseidon doors on board groundfish trawler Vestmannaey some time ago.

This time Polar Amaroq sailed with a pair of 14m2 Poseidon doors for fishing grounds south-east of the Faroes, and such was skipper Geir Zoëga’s confidence in the pair of Poseidon, that these were the only door on board for this trip.

“I’m really impressed with what these doors can do. This is the future and these are easily the best steerable trawl door so the market today,” he said at the end of the trip as Polar Amaroq docked in the east coast port of Norðfjörður with a full load of blue whiting after a trip in bad weather and patchy fishing. He added that even though there were a few teething troubles with the prototype Poseidons, he had every intention of keeping the doors on board for the next trip.

“These doors offer endless possibilities. We can adjust the wings to reduce or increase the square when towing against or with the current. They can be angled up or down as required, so this offers possibilities for towing both on the bottom and just below the surface,” he said.

“We can see the wings altering the flow of water through the doors and making them work exactly as they should do. It makes the doors much easier to manage, especially as we can lift one door to come about and turn faster.”

A satisfied Atli Jósafatsson commented that it has been a long process since the ideas behind these steerable doors first began to take shape, and this has brought together a number of different technologies.

“It’s a huge step in a long development process towards a new generation of trawl doors that can be controlled remotely from the wheelhouse,” he said.

“The doors work well and have performed as expected. There have been a few glitches and these still need to be fixed, but there are no major hurdles to overcome,” he said and added that the faith in these doors shown by skipper Geir Zoëga and fishing companies Síldarvinnslan hf and Polar Pelagic AS have been one of the key factors in the development of these doors, while Rannís has also played a part in supporting the development.

“This is the future. This is what trawl doors are going to be,” Geir Zoëga commented.


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