Ísfell’s Streamline

Ísfell’s Streamline Málmey is one of the new trawlers fishing with Ísfell’s Streamline trawl gear

The Streamline multi-purpose groundfish trawl from Icelandic fishing gear supplier Ísfell has its roots in the north of Iceland, where Rúnar Kristjánsson at the company’s Sauðárkrókur net loft fine-tuned the design of these high-efficiency trawls in co-operation with the skipper and crew of Fisk Seafood’s trawler Málmey.

“Between them, they have been able to improve what was already a good set of trawl gear, and the results are there to be seen,’” said Ísfell’s Jónas Thór Friðriksson, who commented that the original Streamline trawls were delivered to Síldarvinnslan trawlers Bjartur and then Barði, both of which have since left the fleet.

“They were followed by Gullver from Seyðisfjörður, Málmey and Klakkur from Sauðárkrókur and Ljósafell from Fáskrúðsfjörður, which have all used Streamline trawls with good results.”

The Streamline gear is made mainly in Sapphire NG Compact netting, which has a higher abrasion resistance than conventional green PE, and its high strength allows the twine size to be reduced to reduce the gear’s overall surface area and the drag.

The headline and other frame lines in the trawl are made of Dyneema Duo, with the exception of the chain ground rope.

“Dyneema Duo is extremely durable and abrasion resistant,” he said. “9.5 inch Hydro Dynamic floats specifically manufactured for Ísfell and Selstad in Norway are used on the headline and these have excellent strength and floatation. This means that it’s possible to reduce the number of floats on the headline, minimising fluctuation in the headline. Resistance is also less, as there are fewer floats compared to when the gear is rigged with the usual 8 inch floats.”

“Ísfell’s multi-functional Streamline trawls have proved that they have many advantages over traditional trawls, both old and new. This is a high-performance trawl with virtually no stickers anywhere. The skippers tell us it’s light to tow and is designed for minimal towing resistance, while efficiently herding fish down into the codend,” Jónas Thór Friðriksson said, adding that the Streamline trawl’s effectiveness is underscored by recent orders for these trawls for some of the Icelandic fleet’s newest additions, including new Samherji trawlers Kaldbakur and Björgúlfur, and sister vessel Drangey, delivered to Fisk Seafood.



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