IT system ensures efficient delivery to over 6000 customers

IT system ensures delivery to 6000+ customers Eisvogel supplies around 6000 retail outlets, hotels, restaurants, caterers and wholesalers in Austria and Germany. Photo: Eisvogel

One of Austria’s leading fish processors is managing the complicated logistical process of supplying regular orders to more than 6000 customers using an industry-specific IT solution from CSB-System.

Eisvogel supplies around 4800 retail outlets several times a week, as well as approximately 1200 hotels, restaurants and caterers, and fish wholesalers in both Austria and Germany. The CSB IT system helps the company ensure that it meets the highest quality and freshness requirements and that its processes are as efficient as possible.

“We made the decision to opt for the CSB-System because the constant growth in our company and the current market conditions required an IT solution that ensures efficient and transparent processes,” said Eisvogel’s managing director. Eisvogel now has a market share of round 70% in Austria.

The company handles both live fish and fillets. The system uses delivery lot numbers to enable traceability of products, while electronic data provides the information to butchers as to how the fish are to be processed.

Finished product is packed as either whole fish, fillets or fillet portions. All filled packs are individually weighed and labelled, with the weight registered online and a calibrated weighing report created. At these data capture points, the IT system also accesses inventory information and batch data.

Data from the weighing and packing processes is immediately registered in the system for inventory update and provision of goods for sale. Although most products are sold under the Eisvogel brand, the CSB software also contains specific label layouts and print templates so that individual customer labels can be created if required.

Once the single labels have been produced, a cumulative label is printed for the carton and prepared for delivery. In the refrigerated warehouse, customer-specific order picking is carried out using EAN 128 barcodes.  Eisvogel then organises its delivery route planning using the integrated Route Management in the CSB-System.

The CSB solution also provides benefits for Eisvogel staff. The intuitive user interface makes it possible for entirely inexperienced IT staff and customers to adapt quickly to the system, which also reduces training costs. Field staff meanwhile are connected to the CSB-System software via Mobile Enterprise Resource Planning (M-ERP) that provides easy connection to the central system using their laptops. This enables them to check, while with the customer, what quantity of required goods is available ​and the up-to-date prices. In this way, availability and delivery date requirements can be fully met. The fact that orders are now received throughout the day also avoids bottlenecks at the sales office.


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