New software to detect fraud

The Australian Fisheries Management Authority (AFMA) has recently invested in business intelligence software which will assist in the detection of quota evasion.

This software will enable AFMA to automatically compare or match different data sources to identify potential fraud in Commonwealth Fisheries.

By comparing (or matching) data collected by AFMA (for example logbook and catch disposal records data) the authority can identify any outlying or inconsistent data or incidences of ‘intentional’ errors that may be indicators of quota evasion. 

In the past this analysis was conducted manually which was very time consuming for staff. Now the same results can be achieved with the simple push of a button. The improved business intelligence system will allow automation of the process, ultimately providing better results in near real time.

AFMA’s newly formed Evasion Detection Tools Compliance Risk Management team has been tasked to fast track the development of further automated reports, using this software, to help continue the fight against quota evasion. The team will also be looking to other existing internal and external data sources to refine and develop better indicators of quota evasion.

“Quota evasion has the potential to threaten the sustainability and profitability of the industry,” said AFMA’s General Manager of Operations, Peter Venslovas.

“These new systems and tools will help to strengthen our fight against those seeking to break the law.”


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