Two machines launched by Velfag

At IceFish 2014 Velfag introduced two new fish processing machines - a brand new innovative project in the making, the M700 ABMD filleting machine made from antibacterial metal-detective plastic, and the M720 filleting machine for Large-XXXL white fish.

Velfag’s team at the show received many comments from visitors on how surprising and interesting they thought it was to see something so innovative as the M700 ABMD at the show. Velfag says that its team thought that the market would not be ready for such a revolutionary idea as a plastic filleting machine, but decided to bring the project along anyway to celebrate IceFish.  

The company says that the M700 ABMD filleting machine will be much lighter than conventional filleting machines, and will therefore be an interesting option for onboard processing on smaller boats and vessels where the weight of the equipment is critical.  

The ABMD stands for four different factors that will help facilitate quality and longer shelf life of the fish product. First, the plastic is blended with new and powerful antibacterial materials from Zell Metal in Austria. The less bacteria in the fish products, the more quality and longer shelf life and tolerance for more environmentally friendly (but often slower transport) and so on. The plastic is also blended with metal and magnetic detective materials. The plastic is also blue so that it can be visually detected by the naked eye on the surface of the fish products. 

Bjarmi Sigurgarðarsson, Velfag´s main designer and owner, suggests that all kinds of plastic with those properties could be widely used in food processing plants, not only to improve quality control, but also improve product quality.  

Velfag also introduced the new M720 filleting machine at IceFish. 

This M720 is built on the strong foundation of the robust M700 machine that has been a big hit since it was introduced at IceFish 2008, but is also packed with new and innovative solutions that Velfag´s design team has developed and tested in close cooperation with customers. 

The M720 filleting machine is convertible to a filleting machine for small/medium fish with double the throughput of smaller fish compared to the larger and heavier one. This way customers will not be stuck with a large ‘unemployed’ machine for XXXL fish once the catch changes again to more smaller fish than large.  



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